Automatic Translation Isn’t All It Seems

Automatic Translation Isn’t All It Seems
Automatic Translation Isn’t All It Seems

International business is hard enough on its own. Do not further complicate your unique situation by using unreliable translation tools.  It has been proven over and over that automatic translation isn’t all it seems.  It is, in fact, a tool that can lead to frustration, embarrassment and even legal challenges for your company.

Would you put your business translation needs in the hands of someone like this?

If you wouldn’t trust her, don’t trust your critical business communications to a machine. 

Automatic Translation, also known as Machine Translation (MT) uses varying forms of local and online software applications to translate text or speech from one language to another. Although this might suffice for short translations, it is reliant on the content itself to be logical enough to literally translate. Language, all languages, are often representational or contextual. The meaning intended by the sender of a message often can be lost in automatic translation.

For example, the essence of language is the encoding and decoding of meaning. If the message, more commonly known as the source text, is deeply encoded with nuance or idiomatic language, all of which is translated word for word, the result is likely far from the objective. There are numerous good reasons why automatic translation will never reach the same level of quality that human translators can provide, but in a Huffington Post article, five main reasons are noted:

  1. It’s Tough to Get Good Translation, Even from Perfectly Bilingual Human Beings.
  2. Translation Quality is Highly Subjective.
  3. There Are Too Many Languages Out There.
  4. Most Languages Are Not Written.
  5. Context Is Key.

Professional Translation

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