Automotive translation services for foreign and domestic automobiles

Automotive Translation Services

Overcome barriers and accelerate into new markets with ASTA-USA’s automotive translation services.

Since 1987, leading automotive brands have entrusted ASTA-USA to guide their expansion into new markets. We bridge language barriers to equip you with the tools you need to speak their language and infuse diversity and a sense of unity into your bottom line.

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What is Automotive Translation?

Automotive translation refers to a specific subset of translation services that focuses on industry-specific materials. This includes documents like automotive repair manuals, marketing materials, or manufacturing information.

How It Works

1. First, provide us with your document, video conference, or phone call information, and specify your target language.

2. Next, your project is assigned to a team of expert translators and linguists with automotive industry experience.

3. Your content is then translated quickly and checks are performed to ensure quality and accuracy for both the target language and the automotive industry.

4. You receive the final translation and can communicate effectively with new markets without barriers, delays, or hesitation.

FAQs About Automotive Translation Services

Q. Which types of automotive translations are most common?

A. In the automotive industry, everything from marketing materials, and legal contracts detailing automotive industry services, technical manuals, and manufacturing information may require translation from one language to another. ASTA-USA can translate automotive documents of all varieties with precision and accuracy.

Q. What’s the difference between human automotive translation services and free translation tools?

A. Translation tools are readily available but do not provide reliable results for business, technical or legal purposes. There is rarely a straightforward translation from one language to another and this is crucial when it comes to industry jargon, legal terms, or business concepts.

ASTA-USA ensures accuracy and relevance by using teams of expert, human translators, and linguists who are native speakers of the target language. This avoids cultural faux pas and provides more precise results by taking regional dialects, slang terms, and outdated practices into account. It can also ensure that your automotive business meets all of the regulations required by agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Q. Can automotive experts translate phone calls or video conferences?

A. Yes—while ASTA-USA specializes in the translation of important documents and written materials, we are also able to translate phone calls or video conferences as an all-inclusive translation service.

Q. Which languages are most common for automotive industry translation services?

A. Industry documents are most translated to and from one of the 23 major languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Automotive translations can be provided in 70 different languages at ASTA-USA.

Q. Why do translators need automotive experience?

A. Industry jargon is complex, especially in the automotive field, where the inner workings of engines and specialized parts are essential components of communicating. If you are unsure of what a piston is or how it works, for example, it will be hard to relay this information to others—regardless of how many languages you are able to speak. This would result in translations that are inaccurate or incomplete. Therefore ASTA-USA’s team of expert linguists and automotive industry translators are skilled in both world languages and automotive jargon.

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