Aviation and Aerospace Translation Services

Aerospace and Aviation Translation Services

Avoid miscommunications and ensure compliance with ASTA-USA’s aviation and aerospace translation services.

For decades, ASTA-USA has remained a leading provider of fast and precise industry-specific translations. To ensure quality, ASTA-USA takes a unique approach by using teams of expert translators and linguists who also have advanced knowledge in the aviation and aerospace sector. As native speakers of the target language who are also well-versed in the jargon of the industry, the translations produced are superior in all aspects.

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What Is Aviation and Aerospace Translation?

Aviation and aerospace translation refers to the translation of industry-specific documents from one language to another. This process requires the use of specialized translators with a background in the aviation or aerospace sector to ensure accuracy.

Who Provides Aviation and Aerospace Translations?

The aviation and aerospace industry are highly-regulated—in addition to industry, government, and company rules. Because of this, only expert linguists and translators with years of experience in the aviation or aerospace field are qualified to provide these translations.

In the case of U.S. D.O.T. and F.A.A., there are also specific sets of terminology that must be adhered to. Whether it is a safety plan that requires aviation translation services, or a technical manual to repair an engine, every word must be accurate. Many of these materials are crucial to ensure safety, while others are important to remain compliant with laws worldwide. A minor misinterpretation of one of these words or concepts could lead to expensive or dangerous consequences for businesses.

ASTA-USA has a large network of aerospace and aviation translators who are able to provide quick and accurate translations of all of your important materials.

How it Works

  1. First, reach out to an ASTA-USA representative and be prepared to:
  • Identify the types of materials that need to be translated.
  • Specify the languages that will be involved.
  • Clarify the target audience.
  • Provide details of the overall volume of the project, such as the number of pages, words, or images in need of aerospace or aviation translation services.
  • Outline any formatting requirements that should be followed.
  • Define your turnaround time/deadlines.
  • Discuss any other information that is relevant to the project.
  1. Next, a team of expert linguists and translators with experience in the aviation and aerospace industry are assigned to your project.
  2. Immediately after receiving your materials, our aviation and aerospace translators and linguists get to work.
  3. After the materials have been translated, they are then checked for quality by other translators with expertise in the aviation and aerospace translation services industry.
  4. You receive the final translation and can use it to fuel your business with confidence and new possibilities.

Reach New Heights with ASTA-USA’s Aviation and Aerospace Translation Services

ASTA-USA’s trusted translator network consists of around 13,000 expert translators and linguists that are all equipped with unique industry expertise to fulfill any need that may arise. Their skillset is evaluated, and projects are then diligently assigned to ensure the most precise, high-quality results. Throughout the process, several experts will work together to guarantee that every word is accurately translated in terms of the language itself and aviation and aerospace industry standards. This ensures flawless aerospace and aviation translation services–to and from–70 different languages.

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