Aviation and Aerospace Translation Services

At ASTA-USA, we have dedicated specialists who cater to and deliver expert translations to distinct sectors of business and industry, such as aviation and aerospace. It goes without saying that our translators are expert linguists. However, due to the hugely technical nature of an industry sector such as aviation and aerospace, it is vital that the individuals we assign to your project team are fluent not just in language but in the vernacular (some might say ‘jargon’) as well.

Aviation translation covered—from nose to tail…

You could argue that aviation started in around the fifth century BC with the invention of the kite by (equally arguably) the Chinese philosophers Mozi and Lu Ban. There are pretty solid records that show early kites were used for measuring the wind (no surprises there), communication for military purposes and signaling, and… lifting people—like ancient parascending.

The first powered flight took place at Kitty Hawk, December 17, 1903 thanks to the engineering efforts of brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, of course. Fast forward to 1939 and the Heinkel He 178 took to the skies making it the first turbojet powered flight—but that was kept secret by the Germans. The first the public knew about jet aviation was actually the Italian-engineered Caproni Campini N. 1 prototype in 1940. By the end of World War II, multiple countries around Europe, the USSR, the United States and Japan were all designing, building and flying jet airplanes.

So, from decades ago, it is easy to see why there is such a distinct requirement for translation in aviation. Today, one great example is Airbus SE, as of 2019 the world’s biggest manufacturer of airliners. The conglomerate is registered in the Netherlands with the operating headquarters based in Toulouse, France and production taking place principally in Europe—United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany, but also in Mobile, United States; Tianjin in China and Montreal, Canada.

It is true to say that the aviation industry epitomizes the need for a reliable, accurate and speedy translation service, such as that which ASTA-USA can provide.

Aerospace translation services

With the recent launch and safe return of the SpaceX mission to the International Space Station in 2020, we have potentially gone beyond exploration and research. The talk of commercial ‘pleasure trips’ has gotten louder and we are one small step closer to it becoming a reality.

It goes further. It is now reported (rather than merely rumored) that none other than multi-award-winning actor and stunt maverick Tom Cruise is talking to NASA about making a movie in Space—possibly even aboard the International Space Station itself. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted that NASA is excited to work with Tom Cruise aboard the Space Station. “We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make NASA’s ambitious plans a reality,” he added.

It is not an aerospace translation challenge that ASTA-USA would shy away from. That is because we have the necessary linguistic experts as well as engineering and scientific experts to carry out huge, complex projects even if the brief takes us literally out of this world.

The ‘intelligence anatomy’ of an ASTA-USA aviation or aerospace translation services linguist

We keep talking about this because it is so vitally important. Such is the breadth and global reach of the ASTA-USA translator network, we employee over 13,000 specialist linguists, either directly as employees or as tried, tested and trusted freelances and contractors.

As well as the languages they can translate to and from, our professional and accredited or certified translators are tagged according to industry expertise. So if you need something relating to aviation or aerospace translating from Russian to Latin American Spanish, we can quickly see the individuals who are most suited to your project.

Let’s take that as an example. The logic proceeds thus:

Introducing ‘Alfonso’, your specialist aviation translator

Your aviation translation specialist, Alfonso (let us call him that) was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and spent the early part of his working life there. His first degree is in Engineering, majoring in Computational Fluid Dynamics, and he also has a degree in Russian which he gained at Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

OK, Alfonso is fictitious in this case, but that is the effort we will put behind the aerospace and aviation translation projects you require.

In reality, your translators will possess both the linguistic skill sets required and the industry experience to deliver flawless aviation and aerospace translations.

But it does not stop there. What our colleague Alfonso turns out will then be double checked by Александр (Alexander) in Russia before being fed on to you own, personal project manager and account representative at ASTA-USA. They will then ensure everything has been completed before sending the bundle back to you.

Confidentiality in aerospace and aviation translation

At ASTA-USA, we are extremely used to dealing with highly confidential — if not secret — documents and ideas, quite often right up to Federal Government level. We appreciate that many aspects of your business in the aviation and/or aerospace sector is at the very least sensitive. With that in mind, we have the necessary procedures and safeguards in place to make sure your secret material stays that way.

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