Biotech translation services

Biotech Translation Services

Innovate and Scale Your Business Without Limitations. Discover ASTA-USA’s Biotech Translation Services.

ASTA-USA has access to an extensive network of over 13,000 accredited and certified translators and linguists. Within this network lies a distinct group of subject matter experts with extensive knowledge of the Biotech industry. This means that they can accurately translate any life sciences document–to and from–any of the major languages. While their language certifications make them exemplary, their biotech experience places them in a class of their own.

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How it Works

  1. First, reach out to an ASTA-USA representative and be prepared to:
  • Identify the types of materials that need to be translated.
  • Specify the languages that will be involved.
  • Clarify the target audience.
  • Provide details of the overall volume of the project, such as the number of pages, words, or images in need of biotech translation services.
  • Outline any formatting requirements that should be followed.
  • Define your turnaround time/deadlines.
  • Discuss any other information that is relevant to the project.
  1. Next, a team of expert linguists and translators with experience in the biotech sector are assigned to your project.
  2. Immediately after receiving your materials, our biotech translators and linguists get to work.
  3. After the biotech documents or other materials have been translated, they are then checked for quality by other translators with expertise in the biotech translation services industry.
  4. You receive the final translation and can use it to innovate and scale your business without boundaries.

Discover The Difference ASTA-USA’s Biotech Translation Services Make

Whether you are preparing a recruitment ad for a specialist chemical technician or a brochure and website for a new research facility, we treat every biotech translation document with a sense of urgency. In fact, it is rare that we see a brief in biotech translation services that does not require quick attention. From the moment you contact us, your inquiry will be placed in the hands of an expert project manager.

Once you connect with us, your personal project manager will guide you through every step of the translation journey. From start to finish, we guarantee accuracy, speed, reliability, and impeccable service.

FAQ About Biotech Translations

Q. Which biotech translation services are most in demand?

A. In the inventive world of biotech, translation services may be required for a multitude of different functions. From formulas and patents to white papers and promotional materials, these translations are often needed quickly and with scrupulous attention to detail. Thanks to the expertise of the certified and accredited linguists in our biotech translation services division, we offer all the most in-demand document translation services, including:

  • Documentation translation services
  • Website translation services
  • Formula translation services
  • First in human trials translation services
  • Biochemical translation services
  • Pharmaceutical translation services
  • PharmaCom translation services
  • Medical translation services
  • Patent translation services
  • Technical translation services
  • Short-notice biotech translation services
  • Promotional biotech translation services
  • White-paper translation services
  • Intra-company translation services

Need something else translated that’s not on the list? ASTA-USA’s linguists can and will translate any form of written communication accurately, swiftly, reliably, and with an unbeatable level of service.

Q. How are biotech documents translated?

A. Biotech document translations require much more knowledge, effort, and skill than general translations. To ensure that each industry term is properly and meticulously translated, it is important that the translator speaks the language that the document is being translated to and from—but also the language of the biotech industry. This alone; however, is not enough to create these technical translations. They must be translated by a team of expert translators and linguists for swift, errorless renderings.

Q. Can confidential documents be translated?

A. When working with any business, technical or legal document, data security is always a top priority. At ASTA-USA, we take the privacy of our customers and their materials seriously. With decades of experience, we have worked with confidential documents up to the government level. Because of this, we exercise extreme caution in sharing materials, and they are only viewed by a select team of subject matter experts who are selected specifically for your project needs.

Q. Which languages can biotech translation services translate documents to and from?

A. Biotech documents can be written in—and need to be translated to—nearly any language. At ASTA-USA, our network of expert translators and linguists can successfully translate biotech documents to and from around 70 different languages.

Q. Do you need biotech experience to translate documents?

A. Imagine you have no medical experience but are asked to read an in-depth, technical document about how a medication works. Even though it is written in your native language, you would likely have a difficult time understanding and explaining these difficult concepts to someone else. The same is true for translators. While they may speak the languages involved in translation, it simply isn’t enough. Biotech experience allows translators to understand even the most complex industry jargon so that you are provided with a precise, accurate translation.

Put Our Biotech Translation Services to the Test

Biotech is vehemently about precision, accuracy, and quality service. Dare we say it? So is translation. By allowing ASTA-USA to take the reigns as your biotech translation services provider, you will communicate faster, in new markets, more effectively, and more eloquently.

To put our service to the test, call us at 1-866-446-1860 or request a free quote online now.

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