Biotech Translation Services

ASTA-USA has dedicated, accredited and certified linguists for biotech translation services. They are fully up to speed with current developments. They understand what is important in the biotechnology arena. And they can communicate your findings, solutions, and innovations—in any language.

ASTA-USA is trusted in every field in which it operates to deliver outstanding translation solutions. And that includes biotech translation services. The ingredients of our success are very simple. Accuracy. Speed. Reliability. Service. Your success means our success.

What else could you possibly want from a biotech translation services provider? Let us take those four points in turn…

ASTA-USA’s biotech translation services are proven on four counts…

We know we are accurate, because our biotech translation services are provided by biotechnology specialists.

It goes without saying that our accredited and certified translators are fluent in the language pairs in question. If you need a white-paper looking towards product approval translated from Dutch to Swiss French, just for example… 

The ASTA-USA database of accredited and certified translators, numbering 700 permanent professional staff and 12,300 tried, tested and trusted freelance contractors, points us to this particular lead translator.

Meet your typical ASTA-USA biotech translation services linguist…

Peter was born just outside of Amsterdam and has worked for a well-known drugs development company in Abcoude. Being Dutch, he is spoken-fluent in four languages but we note that he also has a Bachelor’s Degree in English gained from Oxford University before studying Pharmacy at Bradford University, England.

In this way, we engage translators who are more than linguists. They know their subject too.

There is more. Once the draft of your first biotech translation is complete, no matter what it might be, it will be passed to an equally qualified colleague for checking.

And this is one of the ways in which we can guarantee rapid and accurate results.

Accuracy is paramount. Speed comes a very close second…

Whether you are preparing a recruitment ad for a specialist chemical technician or a brochure and website for a new research facility, we are used to dealing with urgent needs. In fact, it is rare that we see a brief in biotech translation services that does not require quick attention.

We said that we are fast—without the loss of accuracy. Here is it how it works.

When we are having your translation checked, we will pinpoint a translator in a time-zone behind the original translator. So, in this way, when a body of work is complete, it is effectively sent backwards.

Peter, your Dutch translator, will send his first draft to Pierre, a bio-pharmacy technician in Christchurch, New Zealand but fluent in Swiss French—not just any French—to be worked on overnight. Any points of contention will be noted and resolved before the bundle is sent to your personal project manager for dispatch to you.

And that is where the service element of our biotech translation services comes in…

From the moment you contact us, your inquiry will be placed in the hands of an expert project manager. It is their job to ensure the smooth running of your translations. They are the professionals you need for biotech translation services.

Once you connect with us, your personal project manager will be with you and your translation every step of the way. Any inquiry you might have. Whatever changes you have to make along the way. We understand and we know how to make your life easier.

You see, ASTA-USA has been in the business of translating for well over three decades. From the very outset, we knew that dealing with sensitive and technical subjects such as yours takes precision and attention to detail. 

As if you took any persuading, look at our pedigree and longevity. Discover more about what our clients have to say about us. Check the way we categorize and specialize. It is not an accident.

Accuracy. Speed. Reliability. And service.

What kind of biotech translation services could ASTA-USA carry out for you?

Thanks to the expertise of the certified and accredited linguists in our biotech translation services division, we can offer any kind of written-word translation, quickly and efficiently.

  • Documentation translation services
  • Website translation services
  • Formula translation services
  • First in human trials translation services
  • Biochemical translation services
  • Pharmaceutical translation services
  • PharmaCom translation services
  • Medical translation services
  • Patent translation services
  • Technical translation services
  • Short-notice biotech translation services
  • Promotional biotech translation services
  • White-paper translation services
  • Intra-company translation services

As a matter of fact, ASTA-USA’s linguists can and will translate any form of written communication accurately, swiftly, reliably and with an unbeatable level of service.

You already know you need biotech translation services. That’s why you’re here. And that’s why we’re here too.

Biotech is vehemently about precision, accuracy and service. Dare we say it? So is translation. By partnering with ASTA-USA as your biotech translation services provider, you will communicate faster, in new markets, more effectively, and more eloquently.

To put our service to the test, call us now on 1-866-446-1860.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us.