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With its huge emphasis on travel and tourism, ASTA-USA is delighted provide Anaheim translation services, as we been since 1987.

Established over 34 years ago to supply Anaheim translation services, ASTA-USA was founded on the principles of accuracy, speed and service. Brought together, these three pillars bring reliability. In fact, ASTA-USA is widely and regularly cited as the most reliable translation services company in the United States. We can translate any written material, digital or printed, and translate it to or from any major language in the world.

If we take these attributes in turn, we can demonstrate what they mean to you when you partner with us for your ongoing important document translation requirements.

With our Anaheim translation services, we let nothing stand in the way of accuracy

First, we use only professional and experienced translators. Typically, they will be native speaking in either the target or the source language and educated to a very high level in the other—at least Bachelor’s degree level, often Masters. That means, if you need a document translating from English into Spanish, for example, we will select a linguist who is native English-speaking but currently lives and works in a Spanish-speaking country.

ASTA-USA has over 700 full-time staff on a permanent basis and we also have a network of over 12,300 contractors. These are professionals at what they do, not part-timers. They are also background-checked and vetted for confidentiality — your privileged corporate (and private personal) matters are safe with us.

At ASTA-USA, we have an in-house developed process called ExAct™. What this means for you is that every piece of translation we carry out for you or your company is double checked by an equally qualified linguist. It does not matter how large or small; everything is double checked professionally.

Once checked, the work is passed back to the originator who will take in any amendments, suggestions or corrections. As a matter of interest, in 34 years, we have never had an official document translation refused by an authority.

Speed. Because we rarely hear of a translation that is not urgent…

Our translators are based in offices all over the world. Thanks to this global reach, we can make time zones work to our advantage, rather than make them a hinderance. If you document for translation starts in California, they may, for example, be securely emailed to London for checking. So, when your American translator is finished for the business day, the linguist in London picks up the project for checking.

And, because we only ever use professionals, they are remarkably rapid at their job in any event.

Anaheim translation services come with an amazing level of customer satisfaction

From the moment you call us, you will know you have partnered with the right company to provide you with Anaheim translation services. You will be assigned your personal account manager who will ensure we have everything we need to expedite you translation project. They will see it through the process, keep to the agreed deadlines, and finally make sure everything is collated as it should be for you to take delivery.

What do we know about your city to provide Anaheim translation services?

With an estimated population of over 350,000, making it in terms of population the biggest in Orange County and the 10th biggest in California. Anaheim’s economy is based on tourism. The obvious attraction is the Disneyland theme park which has attracted over 650 million visitors since it opened in 1955. This makes it one of the world’s most-visited tourist attractions. As one might expect, shops, restaurants and satellite attractions take on the theme.

Business ‘tourism’ plays a large part in Anaheim’s economy as well. The Anaheim Convention Center hosts many important national and international business conferences and conventions all year round.

With all this international footfall, it is easy to see how the city benefits from a robust provider of Anaheim translation services.

But there are certainly more national and international companies with corporate offices or headquarters in Anaheim. Some of the top companies here are:

  • Anaheim Memorial Medical Center
  • AT&T
  • Banco Popular
  • CKE Restaurants
  • Extron Electronics
  • Fisker Automotive
  • Fujitsu, computer
  • General Dynamics
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Isuzu
  • Kaiser Foundation
  • L-3 Communications
  • Living Stream Ministry
  • Pacific Sunwear
  • Panasonic

ASTA-USA also has specialist divisions that deal with finance, IT & telecoms, and automotive.

What else to see and do in Anaheim?

Certainly, you can go to the Disneyland Resort to shake hands with Mickey Mouse or even mingle with your favorite Star Wars characters, play games and go on some of the most thrilling rides in the world. But it would be remiss to say that Anaheim doesn’t offer so much more.

Downtown Anaheim is bustling with boutiques, bars and restaurants. The vibe blends tradition with 21st Century in beautiful surroundings. Why not visit the Packing District and partake of a tasting at Pali Wine? Or tempt your tastebuds with a cool craft beer at Unsung Brewing?

For relaxation, take a ferry to the stunningly beautiful Catalina Island. It’s ruggedly rocky, the sea is so blue and on a clear day (the days usually are clear!), you might even be able to see the Hollywood sign.

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