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Cupertino Translation Services

ASTA-USA is a trusted provider of Cupertino translation services for business. Our company has been established since 1987 and the reasons for our longevity are simple. We offer flawlessly accurate translation services, as quickly as possible, backed by an unsurpassed level of service and reliability.

In our global team of 13,000 expert translators (700 full time and in house, 12,300 tried, tested and trusted contractors) we have specialists that deal almost exclusively with advanced technology, IT, and telecommunications. In this way, not only do we assign translators with faultless expertise in the languages concerned, but also individuals with professional experience in your field of business.

Cupertino translation services: helping companies do business internationally.

Many businesses in the city deal with overseas customers and suppliers on day-by-day basis. Cupertino translation services offered by ASTA-USA make international dealings run more smoothly.

Quite clearly, one of the biggest and best-known companies in Cupertino is, of course, Apple. But there are many other successful, long-standing and innovative companies in Silicon Valley. 

Some of the larger ones we know are:

  • Seagate, manufacturers of data storage devices
  • SugarCRM, providers of customer relationship management systems
  • Mist Systems, pioneers in Wi-Fi technology
  • Luminous, corporate professional services
  • Aemetis, renewable fuels and biochemicals
  • Ewing-Foley, data communications and networking
  • Certus, high-security data erasure

All these businesses can take advantage of ASTA-USA’s Cupertino translation services, benefitting from swift and precise document translation, whether online or in print, customer-facing or internal.

Some of the materials ASTA USA’s Cupertino translation services can and do attend to are:

  • User documentation and help translation
  • Bot scripts translation
  • Internal document translation
  • Technical specification translation for both hardware and software
  • Information architecture translation
  • User experience scripting and output document translation

In fact, however the material is written, in whatever format, and in whatever major language (we currently support over 70 of the world’s most-used languages and their variants and dialects), ASTA USA’s Cupertino translation services will have it translated it swiftly and precisely.

Cupertino translation services: the intellectual anatomy of one of our technical translators—and how our ExAct™ process is followed.

Allow us to introduce you to an ASTA-USA Cupertino translation services linguist. He is hypothetical but we would like to give you an example of how your translation might begin to move through the process, and then how it is delivered back to you.

To keep things simple for this example, your company needs a short user manual translating from American English to Spanish. Let us call your allocated lead translator Miguel. Your ASTA-USA personal manager has assigned Miguel because he was born and educated in Madrid, Spain, was placed by his company in California having a degree in software engineering in English and is now a full-time specialist technology translator with ASTA-USA.

Miguel completes a draft of your translation and it is then passed to another, equally qualified linguist for thorough checking. If there are any queries or questions, these either corrected instantly or marked for further inquiry. Miguel receives the minor corrections, makes the necessary amendments and passes the document back to your ASTA-USA account manager. They will check it once again for completeness before it reaches you. This process is proprietary to ASTA-USA and we call it ExAct™. What it means for you is your documents are flawlessly accurate thanks to the independent checking, rechecking and final checking once more.

More to see in Silicon Valley; it’s not all computers in Cupertino!

ASTA-USA staff and contractors just love providing Cupertino translation services because the place not only buzzing with the brightest business brains but also because of the hugely diverse range of things to see and do.

Not far away from Cupertino, in Saratoga, there’s the Mountain Winery. Not only can visitors experience guided wine tastings, but this winery also has its own spectacular concert venue, featuring named acts from the United States and around the world.

Stevens Creek offers superb scenery in the foothills stretching between Saratoga and Cupertino. It’s an outstandingly beautiful area of over 1,000 acres, and a relaxing place to break out of the break-out zones in the office.

Finally, for contemporary culture DeAnza College’s Euphrat Museum of Art showcases artwork from the college’s students and there are plenty of regular interactive activities for attendees to discover more about their own creative side. There is even a regular open mic night.

Cupertino translation services: ask for your FREE quote

Whatever you need to have translated, ASTA-USA’s Cupertino translation services has the linguistic capability, the professional experience and the genuine interest in business and technology to speed your translations through, without ever compromising on accuracy.

Contact us now, whether your translation project is large or small. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!