Fremont, CA Translation Services

Fremont translation services

With its wealth of technologically advanced companies, ASTA-USA is delighted to offering its high-quality Fremont translation services to the city. Established in 1987, ASTA-USA is also proud to say we are frequently cited as the most reliable translation services company in the United States.

Over the past 34 years, ASTA-USA has grown into a translation services company of 700 permanent staff and 12,300 fully vetted and background-checked contractor linguists, based all over the world. We have offices in every state of America and representation across the globe.

What makes ASTA-USA stand out as the premier Fremont translation services provider is:

  • Accuracy — our translations are fastidiously flawless
  • Speed — never at the expense of precision, we deliver on time
  • Service — you will be left in no doubt that we appreciate your business

Fremont’s economy thrives today because of the companies that are dedicated to precision. And in providing Fremont translation services, ASTA-USA is no different

How ASTA-USA provides super-accurate Fremont translation services

We start by typically using native or truly bilingual translators. That means if you need an important business document translated from Simplified Chinese into American English, we would use a translator who was perhaps born and educated in Beijing but has studied English to an advanced level (Bachelor’s degree at least, but more than likely a Master’s degree) in England or America. So, your translator will be native in either the source or the target language.

But with ASTA-USA, there is more to it than that. Imagine now, for the sake of making the point, the document is lengthy, more than a little technical and it is all about the safety features of a car. (Incidentally, ASTA-USA does have a dedicated division concerned with all things automotive. You can find our automotive translation services page here). Not only would we ensure the greatest competence in the source and target languages concerned, but we would also consult our deep database to ascertain which of our translators have professional experience in the automotive sector. The same would apply if the sector in question was IT & Telecoms.

In this way we assign translators that are fluent in the languages (obviously) but they will also hit the ground running because they are familiar with the technical aspects of the language your industry uses; the vernacular, the, dare we say it, jargon.

In short, your ASTA-USA translators will know what they are talking about as well as how to say it.

There is yet more to help guarantee flawless translations: ExAct™. It’s a series of in-house protocols that mean, no matter how large or small the translation project, everything is double checked. And by an equally qualified linguist. The amendments are recorded, the details double checked. It results in a flawless translation, no matter how technical or difficult the subject.

Precise and swift

We have translators in offices all over the world. So when one portion of your translation project is being checked, the next part is being originated, and so on. We make the time zones of the world work to our distinct advantage to meet your deadlines and provide a timely service.

Fremont translation services — with the emphasis on service

Your vital business translations are in safe hands with ASTA-USA. From the get-go, you will have your own personal account director who will ensure all your ongoing translation projects run smoothly. They are professional project managers who leave you with nothing to worry about — or even wonder about.

Who is doing business in Fremont?

Some of the most notable employers in Fremont are:

  • Tesla, Inc.
  • Corsair Gaming
  • Electronics for Imaging
  • Ikanos communications
  • Lam Research
  • Synnex
  • Western Digital
  • Boston Scientific
  • Oplink Communications
  • S3 Graphics

There is a strong bias towards technology and innovation—something with which ASTA-USA can help when clear and precise translations are vital to growing businesses.

And away from work? What does Fremont have to offer its residents and visitors?

Away from the hustle and bustle of innovative industry, Fremont offers visitors and residents a wealth of things to see and do.

Located on the southeast side of San Francisco Bay, the Coyote Hills National Park offers 978 acres of natural landscape. There are miles of hiking paths, many also available to horseback riders. Just outstandingly beautiful.

For something a little different, why not try the Niles Essay Silent Film Museum. It is a permanent curation of all things black and white and old and… silent. There are tributes to all the favorites like Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and Harold Lloyd to name but a few. And maybe you’ll uncover some stars with whom you are not yet acquainted.

If you are interested in real, live steam, the Niles Canyon Railway is a must. You can ride hauled by a steam locomotive and there are plenty of other exhibits for the American rail enthusiast.

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