Huntington Beach CA Translation Services

Huntington Beach translation services

ASTA-USA has been providing Huntington Beach translation services for over 34 years, since 1987. We have grown to a global organization of over 700 permanent employees and a carefully selected network of contractors which now number just over 12,300.

Each and every one of our people are chosen for their brightest brains in linguistics, their dedication to flawless accuracy and—never at the expense of precision—their professional ability to turn around your translations fast.

Known as over the world as Surf City, and with a resident population approaching 200,000, ASTA-USA is proud to be providing extremely high quality Huntington Beach translation services.

What we know about Huntington Beach—Surf City

The surfing here is so beautiful because of the geography. The sandy beach itself is nine-and-a-half miles long but what makes Huntington Beach so special is the combination of ‘edge diffraction open swells’ around Santa Catalina Island and, seasonally, powerful surges from the North Pacific caused by hurricanes and other tidal activity. That, together with the consistent south Californian climate, make Huntington Beach a year-round top surf spot.

So much for surfing, great though it is. What about Huntington Beach translation services needed by businesses?

As much as it may sound sad and churlish to say, regrettably, a city cannot stand solely on surf!

Huntington Beach is also home to over 650 industrial businesses, the larger ones including:

  • Boeing
  • Quicksilver
  • C&D Aerospace
  • Cambro Manufacturing
  • Confie Seguros
  • Custom Building Products
  • Element Materials Technology

ASTA-USA, incidentally, has a dedicated division for the translation of important and technical materials in the aviation and aerospace sectors. Which leads us on to an important characteristic of our service…

To provide Huntington Beach translation services, we do not just match languages…

Clearly, when you need some important business documents translating, our first job is to find translators that are fluent in the source and target languages required. And, typically, we will use native or completely bilingual speakers. So, if you require a translation from American English to French, just to make the point, we may find you a linguist who was born and educated in France but now lives and works in the United States—with an English degree at least.

But at ASTA-USA, our Huntington Beach translation services go further. Imagine that you are in the business of aviation or aerospace development and manufacturing. We will strive to assign you a native French-speaking translator, with at least a Bachelor’s degree (more likely a Masters) in English and a professional background in aviation and aerospace.

That way, your translator will not only be totally au fait with the source and target languages (that much is a given), but they will also have experience in your specific industry sector.

The same would be true if you were selling surfboards and surf-wear. We would find a translator with the requisite source and target language but also one with an avid interest in surfing to provide, for example:

  • Sales collateral translations
  • Web site translations
  • Promotional email translations
  • Import/export translations

Because of how we assign your translators, and by knowing about their professional history, everything points to ASTA-USA’s translations being the most accurate you can possibly get.

And then there is ASTA-USA’s phenomenal speed of turnaround for Huntington Beach translations…

With our thousands of translators and our global reach, we can actually make differences in time zone work for us, rather than against us. So, again just for example, if you were looking to translate an important business document from French to English, we would aim to use a translator based in Paris (seven hours ahead of California) and then, for checking, we would employ another equally qualified linguist locally, using the time difference to our advantage.

Every translation we do, no matter how large or small, from a single certificate to volumes of technical information, is thoroughly checked by another translator. The amends and/or corrections are cued and returned to the original linguist for incorporation.

What else is there to do in Surf City apart from surf?

The Whale Watching is phenomenal and whale-watching cruises depart right off of Huntington Beach. You could see the world’s biggest mammal, the blue whale as well as a wide variety of other species. Depending on the time of year, you could also see huge pods of dolphins

For dry land, take a trip to the stunning Bolsa Chica nature reserve for breathtaking views. The reserve is home to hundreds of species of birds (including the American Bald Eagle), lizards, and hundreds of species of trees, flowers and other wildlife. Take your binoculars and a real camera!

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