This is an image of the Oakland Bay Bridge. ASTA-USA provides professional translation services in Oakland.

Translation Services Oakland, California

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. has been a trusted member of the Oakland, California business community for the past 32 years. Throughout those years, we have seen the city grow and have helped local businesses, organizations and prominent citizens flourish by providing them with reliable, accurate document translation services. We strive for perfection and the highest quality possible, which makes us the number one choice for your company’s document translation needs.

Oakland is one of the largest cities in California, spanning 54 square miles and containing the world’s only natural saltwater lake, Lake Merritt. In addition to the natural beauty of the lake, Oakland also offers over 80 gorgeous parks to explore and preserve. Oakland is also one of the most diverse cities in America with over 125 different languages spoken throughout the city. Oakland is also home to some major corporate headquarters for companies like Pandora, Blue Bottle Coffee and Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream Holdings, Inc. In fact, the industries that make up Oakland’s growing economy include entertainment, food and beverage manufacturing, green initiatives, healthcare, international trade, industrial, corporate business, retail and technology.

Some of the largest employers in Oakland are:

  • Kaiser Permanente/Kaiser Foundation
  • County government
  • City government
  • State government
  • UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland
  • Alameda Health Systems
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • University of California
  • Pandora

With such a diverse population, it’s important that all these businesses are equipped and ready to speak to all the different foreign language markets in the Oakland area. Each of these companies would benefit from translating their marketing materials, websites, job contracts and more into each of the languages spoken in the city. Some of those languages are Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Amharic, Ibo, Twi, Yoruba, Bantu, Swahili, Somali, Arabic and more. By translating corporate documents and communications into each of these languages, companies will appeal to larger local markets and build customer loyalty. Translating documents shows your audience that you care about them and their culture, which in turn makes them want to do business with you. With translated business documents, your company will also be able to attract and recruit top talent from other countries as well.

ASTA-USA can translate any type of written business documents into any of the above-mentioned languages. In fact, we are prepared to translate into and from 70 languages in just as many industries such as corporate business, finance, legal, marketing, advertising, government, education, science and research, medical and more. Our legal division handles any type of legal document translation your company might need, while our accredited legal translators have experience in courtrooms all over the world. Our professional linguists are native speakers of whatever language you need and are located across the world, enabling us to assemble a virtual tag team to work on your important projects around the clock. The fact that they are native speakers of the language needed means that they bring a cultural knowledge and understanding to your document that can’t be matched by other translators.

They also have at least a decade of career translation experience and an advanced education, making them the best in the industry. The innate knowledge of the language and culture allows them to translate sayings and words that are often deemed “untranslatable” by lesser companies. We go beyond simple text translation and ensure that the original meaning and message of your document is kept intact through error-free text, sentence structure and grammar translation. Our professional linguists have been approved by some of the world’s leading translation organizations such as The United Nations, The Institute of Linguists, the American Translators Association, La Société Française des Traducteurs, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.

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