Characterizing Our Time: The Growing Demand in Chinese Translation

Chinese Translation For US Corporations

Only a few days ago the Wall Street Journal reported that American department store giant Macy’s just invested $15 million in one of China’s online retailers. Economic ties between the West and the Far East are still going strong, with iconic American brands like Ford and Harley Davidson becoming the status symbols of the emerging Chinese middle class. This development also translates, so to speak, into an increased need for professional Chinese language translation services, which comes with its own set of challenges.

These translation challenges can be easily overcome with the help of ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. Our native-speaking translators can provide flawless business document translations from English to Chinese and vice versa. Their experience and accreditation make ASTA-USA the best translation services company in the industry.

Contracts, content, marketing materials, business plans, and many other types of documents and communications are to be conveyed in a language that could not be further from modern English in structure and concept. The fact that Chinese does not have an alphabet but uses a three-thousand-year-old writing system consisting of characters rather than letters is merely the tip of the iceberg. Further to consider are the differences between Mandarin (official language of Mainland China and Taiwan) and Cantonese (official language of Hong Kong), which in fact use different versions of the characters.

It is easy to get lost in translation here, but companies and individuals conducting business with China do not have to be on their own when it comes to translating into or from Chinese. The best way to go is teaming up with a high-end document translation agency like ASTA-USA to ensure that certified, top of the line Chinese to English or English to Chinese translators specializing in the applicable field and language variant handle the project.

With their support, the future of your business relations with Eastern Asia will certainly be characterized by clear communication and great success.