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Experiment with Better Communication and Expert Results: ASTA-USA’s Clinical Trials Translation Services

ASTA-USA is trusted across the world to deliver unparalleled clinical trials translation services. From top governmental departments to pharmaceutical and contract research organizations (CROs), we approach each translation project by applying our core values: accuracy, speed, confidentiality, and cultural sensitivity.  This guideline enables our diverse network of industry expert translators and linguists to provide fast, consistent and precise results for all of your translation needs.

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Our Approach to Flawless Clinical Trials Translation Services

Accuracy: Expert and dedicated teams are already in place to provide clinical trials translation services

Strategically placed around the globe, ASTA-USA has some 13,000 accredited, professional and qualified translators. Of those, we have linguists who are not only adept at translating but are professionally experienced or academically qualified (typically both) in particular fields of medicine.

Furthermore, subsections of our medically qualified and accredited translators have direct experience in clinical trials. They know the terminology. They know the procedures, processes and workflows involved. In short, they speak your language—in both senses of the term.

Speed: ASTA-USA works around the clock to deliver clinical trials translation services faster

Never has there been a time when the results of clinical trials need to be communicated around the globe so quickly. We are not jumping on any commercial bandwagon here; this is fact. Science, we are told by governments and the media, is moving about ten times as fast as it would normally to combat coronavirus and the associated COVID-19 disease. In order to neutralize the pandemic, the information collected and collated from the clinical trials needs to be translated and communicated fast.

With that in mind, ASTA-USA’s clinical trials translation services division turns time differences into a benefit rather than a hinderance. As a draft set of documentation is completed from the source language to the target, it jumps backwards to be checked for accuracy. In this way, we work right around the clock to deliver your translations as quickly as possible, while always retaining accuracy.

Confidentiality: Because you do not want your findings becoming public before time

At ASTA-USA, we have procedural standards in place to ensure your clinical trials findings remain confidential until such time as you want them to be made available. Our confidentiality and secrecy standards are regularly checked. And we only ever use vetted linguists.

Sensitivity: ASTA-USA translators are linguistically, technically and culturally qualified

Let’s face it, we are dealing with the health of human beings. That is why, when you translate public-facing information or any content about clinical trials, sensitivity is vital at every stage and every level.

The translators that we will use for your project will typically be native speaking in either the source language and be Bachelor’s degree qualified in the target language—or vice versa. So if you need a patient information leaflet and other collateral translating from American English into Latin Spanish, your lead translator may well have been born and raised in somewhere such as Cuba, acquired their degree at MIT and be living in Washington D.C. But that is just one hypothetical example.

The point is, because of their language skills and respective locations, ASTA-USA translators are more likely to be fully conversant with nuance, idiom, sensitivity and sensibility. They will know the difference between, for example, being friendly and understanding, and being overfamiliar and patronizing.

Evidently, cultural care is essential. Recently we heard of a patient questionnaire that asked about whether a ‘partner had become pregnant’ since the last visit. Nothing wrong with the translation at all except that the questionnaire was asking trial patients in a remote part of India. The question of whether or not a ‘partner’ had become pregnant was wholly inappropriate to the point of being offensive. ASTA-USA translators our experienced enough to prevent that kind of faux pas from happening.

It is not all about coronavirus and COVID-19

We have been carrying out accredited clinical trials translation services work since 1987, long before the onset of the current pandemic. So while all the media attention is focused firmly on how fast the vaccines can be developed and distributed, ASTA-USA’s translators are still working away on the longer-term and, on might argue, equally important clinical trials that have been carrying on for years.

ASTA-USA translators become part of your clinical trials team

Because of the huge level of both time and financial investment in bringing a medicine to market, you need a clinical trials translation services partner that can be integrated into your team. In any area of healthcare, our translators are all qualified medical writers in their own right. And you might be surprised at what a valued addition to your clinical team that they might make.

Which Types of Clinical Trial Documents Can Be Translated?

When it comes to industry-specific translations, there is a full gamut of important materials that require translation from one language to another. In the clinical trials arena, the most common types of document translations include:

  • Clinical trial agreement and contract translations
  • Patient questionnaire translations
  • Ethical committees and regulatory bodies’
  • Correspondence translations
  • Clinical study results translations
  • Product summary characteristics translations
  • Patient information leaflet translations for the finished product
  • Packaging and labeling translations
  • Clinical trial protocol translations
  • Patient diaries translations
  • Event log translations
  • Patient record translations
  • Case report forms translations

While these are the most common type of clinical trials documents that we translate, we are able to satisfy every translation requirement in the clinical trials arena. If you have a need for translation of a document type that isn’t listed, give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Which Languages Can Clinical Trials Documents Be Translated To or From?

Clinical trials often span the globe. From individuals who are involved in research to actual participants of the trials themselves, it is crucial to have a translation service at your disposal. At ASTA-USA, we translate clinical trials documents to and from 70 different languages.

Who Translates Clinical Trials?

Because clinical trials rely on complex concepts and jargon, it simply isn’t enough to hire a translator who speaks the language. Instead, clinical trials should be translated by industry experts who are also well-versed is in the vernacular.

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