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We speak over 70 languages and legalese is one of them.

Legal professionals have the distinct honor of speaking a language all their own. Legalese, or legal industry jargon, is imperative for every aspect of work within the industry. An error or omission when drafting legal forms, petitions, statements of intentions or written testimonies can spell disaster for the outcome of a client’s case.

Ultimately, these seemingly minor or unintentional mistakes can destroy the reputation of the entire legal practice. This leads paralegals, legal assistants, and lawyers/attorneys to exercise the utmost caution in all legal documents and formal correspondences. While this comes as second nature to seasoned professionals, it presents a multitude of concerns when court certified document translations are needed to present legal materials in other languages.

The Need for Accuracy and Confidentiality with Court Certified Document Translation Services

Accuracy and confidentiality are components that legal professionals know well and must exercise diligently even with the simplest day-to-day tasks. Unlike other industries, this is not an advertising gimmick or a slogan, but a mandatory practice. Abiding by the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct comes first within your practice, so it’s only natural to have some concerns when handing over confidential documents for translations.

Whether child custody agreements, financial information, patent or trademark information, evidence in a criminal case, or legal agreements between business partners, it is imperative that every translated word within a document is precise and remains confidential.

ASTA-USA’s Commitment to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Regardless of the target and source languages involved in court certified translation services, ASTA-USA strives to speak your language first and foremost. This is why we follow the same ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct that legal professionals are subject to. By instituting these rules of professional conduct into our organization, confidentiality is engrained in our company DNA.  In fact, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., was one of the world’s first professional language services providers to adopt a confidentiality audit program.

To this day, ASTA-USA continues to perform monthly audits of both document relay systems and translators. Paired with SECURE, dedicated web servers, and technical systems that are tested, updated, and maintained persistently; we are trusted by leading organizations across all sectors to protect sensitive data.

For Legal Professionals, By Legal Professionals

At ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. we pride ourselves on curating error-free, best-in-class legal document translations. Because of the intricacies involved with legal terminology, we carefully vet all our translators and linguists to find the best match for each project. This means that a translator assigned to your case will be skillful in the realm of language services, but will also qualify as a legal subject matter expert.

Many of our court certified and corporate legal translators have a decade or more of legal experience to ensure that each translation includes the proper application of legal terms along with thorough localization. While anyone can consult a bilingual legal dictionary and create a haphazard translation, working with an ASTA-USA court certified legal translator guarantees that your evidence is admissible in court and that your contracts are airtight in every language.

Because legalese is a language that takes intelligent individuals many years to master, we understand the hesitation of working with a translator who simply speaks multiple languages. This is why it takes more than a few years of translation experience to become a legal translator or linguist at ASTA-USA.

Each one of our thoroughly vetted court certified document translators is also a highly skilled attorney with 10 or more years of legal expertise. This diligent focus on providing superior quality means that we have never had a court certified document translation refused by any court, governmental agency, or business entity in 37 years of business.

Types of Court Certified Documents We Translate

Since ASTA-USA’s inception in 1987, we have proudly provided court certified translations, interpretations, and transcriptions to legal professionals for varying purposes. From translating text messages as evidence to be used in court to adding subtitles to video content or providing over-the-phone live interpretations when drafting contracts, our skilled network of more than 13,000 translators and linguists can tackle any legal instrument—quickly and without error.

Some of the most common court certified documents and legal materials we translate include:

  • Case Files
  • Evidence Documents/Materials or Files (such as text messages, e-mails, audio files, or video content)
  • Statement of Intention
  • Legal Forms
  • Subpoenas
  • Written Testimony
  • Transcripts
  • Petitions
  • Records
  • Contracts
  • HR Handbooks
  • Onboarding Materials
  • Business Agreements

Don’t see the certified court document type you need listed here? We’re happy to accommodate any needs that may arise for legal professionals.

*Disclaimer: Due to ongoing health concerns and scheduling conflicts linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. no longer dispatches translators or linguists for live, in-person court proceedings. In light of this, we prefer to arm our clients with on-demand, over-the-phone, or video conferencing interfaces.

How Our Court Certified Document Translation Services Work

  1. Provide us with detailed information on the scope of your project, such as the target/source languages, word/page count, and any deadlines that must be adhered to by phone or through our inquiry form.
  2. We assemble a strategic team of translators and linguists from our vast network to best meet the needs of your project.
  3. Your tactical team unifies and creates a thoroughly localized court certified translation.
  4. The translation is double-checked by expert linguists to ensure accuracy and proper localization.
  5. After passing rigorous quality checks, you receive the final translation of legal materials, and they are ready to be presented in court.

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