Creative & Marketing Translation Services

Creative and Marketing Translation Services

With ASTA-USA’s creative and marketing translation services division, you can make sure your copywriting, branding and creative ideas traverse language barriers. Thanks to our experience, we know that there is more to translating a piece of advertising, PR or marketing material than simply translating it.

Your copywriters work hard to craft the marketing message, so it is just right. So it hits home. So it connects with the intended audience. So it strikes a chord that resonates. So it persuades, cajoles, informs, encourages, and entertains. And, above all, so that what you write to your existing and potential customers achieves the results your clients need.

At ASTA-USA, our linguists work equally hard to preserve the work that has gone in to communicating your marketing messages, no matter what the media; no matter what the form in which they are delivered.

Why trust ASTA-USA with creative and marketing translation services?

The translators we employ or contract are advertising professionals as well as expert linguists

ASTA-USA employs over 700 people in the business of translation—either as linguists or as support personnel—directly. Our core staff is augmented by a massive database of some 13,300 tried, tested and trusted linguists and accredited translators. This gives us an immense, centralized resource to draw on.

Clearly, it’s vital we know which languages our people can to and from. But with ASTA-USA, there’s more. And this can make a substantial difference to the way your translation projects progress. Our secret is we also know every translator’s area and level of industry expertise. So a short query will reveal every translator we have on our books like this:

  • Juan Carlos Hernandez
  • Native-level Spanish and Gallego
  • With a Bachelor’s Degree in English, majoring in marketing communications
  • Currently living in the United States
  • Sector experience in advertising/marketing/PR
  • Specializing in automotive and retail finance

And that is how we can move so fast to match the right translators to your translation project.

We will typically use a skilled translator who is native in either the source or target language

We prefer our translators to be native in either the source language or the target language. Again, for example, if your online campaign needs to be translated from American English to Latin American Spanish, your ASTA-USA translators may have grown up and been educated in a Latin American country but have moved to North America to study English. Indeed, they may still be living in North America and have been doing so for years or even decades. 

There is another huge benefit to using native translators where possible. And that is that they will be more aware than most of cultural as well as linguistic differences. When we say cultural differences, we mean more than, say, how to ask for a bunch of flowers in a colloquially correct way. Your ASTA-USA translators will be conversant with business etiquette, what style of language will be appropriate to a particular audience group or set. Because what you say is important, of course. But how you say it is vital.

Our procedures for creative and marketing translation services make us unbelievably fast, yet wholly accurate

At ASTA-USA, we are adept at making translations happen quickly and accurately. We make different time zones around the globe work to our advantage. It is easy for us to be able to do this because we are a truly global organization.

So imagine your brochure’s source language is American English and, just to keep things simple for this example, you need it translating into Spanish. As soon as we have agreed our terms of service and the brief for this particular element of your project, your materials and the brief will be emailed to our native Spanish-speaking linguist in Madrid. They will work on it the following morning before emailing it to their equally qualified colleague in the United States for checking by lunchtime the following day. (Spain is six hours ahead of EST, so they effectively have a six-hour advantage, if you will.)

Then your translated brochure, together with the original documents, will be sent again to your local account manager for final checking and will be typically be with you by dinner that day.

Of course, not all projects are quite as simple as that. But, as a model, that’s the kind of service—with checking built in (it always is with ASTA-USA)—you can expect from us.

A note on ‘transcreation’ versus translation

ASTA-USA offers creative and marketing translation services, rather than a creative service that incorporates translation. For many projects, translation is enough. You need to have your marketing messages translated from Language A into Languages B, C and D, etc. That is what ASTA-USA does, all day, every day for hundreds and hundreds of companies and organizations. But we are not a creative agency specializing in global campaigns.

However, it is important to note that all our translations are culturally sensitive because our linguists are typically native speaking in either source or target language—and in touch with their homelands all the time. And we would never permit a culturally insensitive proposition or turn-of-phrase to slip through the net.

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