The Importance of Dialects in Spanish Translation Services

The Importance of Dialects in Spanish Translation Services
The Importance of Dialects in Spanish Translation Services

Many American marketers only bother to translate their advertisements and marketing materials into Spanish, but is that sufficient? There are several dialects of the Spanish language, and they are not all equally understood by native speakers. That’s why it’s vital to understand your entire market and then use a thorough Spanish translation services provider like ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. that has an expansive network of native linguists who know the importance of using the correct dialects in the performance of Spanish language translation services.

Understanding Dialect Differences in Spanish Translation Services

Latinum Network published an article discussing the effects of improper Spanish translation in American marketing. As noted in the article and graphic above, while a majority of Hispanics speak Mexican Spanish, there are many non-Mexican Hispanics who speak other dialects, not to mention another language, Portuguese. New York is home to a large Puerto Rican population, many Cubans live in Miami and there is a high Salvadorian population in Washington, DC. While most of these residents also speak English, their native Spanish dialect is important to them. If a major company were to translate its marketing materials into Spanish and Portuguese, it would instantly build rapport with both demographics because it would be showing care and investment in that community.

If a product is only marketed in one Spanish dialect, it’s likely that speakers of other dialects will skip over the product or choose another brand.

The Latinum Network states that marketing in one Spanish dialect or with Mexican spokespeople is often not enough to reach the entire Spanish-speaking population. Their research shows that speakers of other dialects feel alienated and detached from the product or company. Vocabulary can differ between dialects and should be given careful consideration. As noted by Latinum Netowrk, the word “torta” in Venezuelan and Colombian Spanish means “cake,” while in Mexican Spanish, “torta” means “sandwich.” This could get sticky when translating advertisements and menus for a local bakery.

Of course, this happens on a much larger scale as well, with different companies marketing their products with broad Spanish translation services. This mishap is easily avoided when partnering with ASTA-USA. Our native language translators know the differences in dialects. They have a lifetime of experience with the language, an extensive education and at least a decade of professional translation experience. Therefore, they understand what is being advertised or discussed in the document and know what words and accents to use in order to keep the message of the document intact. Our certified translators are not only the best in the business, but our error-proof process saves your company time and money by getting the job done right the first time. Once your document has been translated, it is then checked by three of our other in-house experts, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy. We do all of this as quickly as possible, meeting, if not exceeding your deadline.

Why Choose ASTA-USA for Spanish Translation Services

ASTA-USA was founded by a businessman so dissatisfied with inaccurate, costly and late document translations that he made his own company. Therefore, we understand what your company is looking for in document translations and provide top-of-the-line services. We offer services for a variety of languages and industriesContact us for your free quote and we will work with you to establish a timeline for your project, clarify your project needs and then assemble a team of our best translators. ASTA-USA is a document translation services company you can trust.

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