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Engineering Translation Services

At ASTA-USA we provide engineering translation services to some of the most innovative engineering and design companies in the United States and around the globe.

Thousands of clients across America and beyond trust ASTA-USA for mission-critical engineering translation services. With our 700 full-time, permanent staff and 12,300 tried, tested and trusted contractors, we can assemble the precise team you need to complete your engineering translation projects. From a single page technical drawing and specification to the documentation of a whole finished project… from ad-hoc international correspondence to a complete suite of promotional materials… ASTA-USA has you covered—with such a truly excellent level of service that has to be experienced to be believed.

You work to flowcharts, schematics and procedures—so do we! ASTA-USA is perfectly calibrated translation machine.

Engineering translation services are nothing without accuracy

Of course, we appreciate that speed is always of the essence. We do not come across clients that can wait any longer than is absolutely necessary very often! And we will talk about how our streamlined engineering translation services allow us to get your translated materials back to you as soon as possible.

But all the speed of translation in the world would be useless if the finished work is not absolutely accurate. So how do we do it?

We specialize. That’s how. At ASTA-USA we believe that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ or ‘generic’ translation. So we drill down. Demonstrating our methodology is probably best done by hypothetical example.

How the engineering translation services lifecycle could work

Imagine you make a 3D printer. The design work is done in the United States. Final assembly is done here as well because it is ‘Made in USA’. However, you have made the decision to outsource the manufacture of the printed circuit boards that control the stepper motors to a facility in Mexico, purely to keep the price point down for the end consumer.

First off, you want the design specification of the PCBs translated into Latin Spanish. And it has to be translated pin-sharp accurately. At ASTA-USA, we fully understand this. So your personal account manager will take the brief from you and ensure that they have everything they need to proceed including deadlines, delivery details and any anomalies that might lie in wait.

Then our own carefully engineered translation machine kicks into action.

At ASTA-USA, our translators are typically native-speaking (and writing, of course) in either the source language or the target language. So in this case, your lead translator is Pablo Hernandez, originally from Monterrey, Mexico where he graduated in computer science and manufacturing before moving to San José State University to study computer hardware engineering. So his Latin Spanish is native and his technical American English is perfect.

But that is not all. Thanks to the breadth and depth of our database we can also see that Pablo has worked as a lead engineering designer for a number of well-known US computer companies.

So, with ASTA-USA engineering translations services, we aim to get as close to that complete package as possible: perfect prowess in the language pair, plus direct industry experience. Your translator will be experienced in—and have a current interest in—the engineering project for which he or she has to translate (in this case computer hardware, but it could equally be machine engineering, automotive engineering or aviation engineering).

Then everything is independently checked for sense and accuracy

Pablo is excellent. A true professional. But he’s not infallible. That is why every piece of content that is addressed by our engineering translation services is checked by another certified translator who is equally qualified, both in the languages concerned and the industry sector.

Not only does this industry-level experience combined with double checking help to ensure absolute accuracy, but it also means that the vast majority of questions are answered before they arise as questions at all. Your translator will know the vernacular, the technical language as well as the target and source languages…they will already inherently know, dare we say it, the jargon. This in turn makes your translation from ASTA-USA engineering translation services faster.

The need for speed

Thanks to ASTA-USA’s global presence, and the number of accredited and certified translators and expert linguists to whom we have access, it enables us to make time zones work in our favor.

For bulkier projects, it is possible for us to make them hop back in time zones so that they are being worked on outside of your normal office hours, i.e., over night. 

Confidentiality: your secrets are safe with ASTA-USA engineering translation services

ASTA-USA is trusted by all manner of companies and organizations to handle their translation projects with optimal accuracy, a fast turnaround and brilliant client service.

We also understand that your translation projects may contain confidential, sensitive or even secret information. The systems, procedures and workflows we have in place ensure our confidentiality is utterly watertight. And we test it regularly for leaks. There never are any…

Put our engineering translation services to the test today.

Contact us now using this short and simple form, whether you want an email or a call from one of our personal account managers. Or if you are in a rush, simply call us on 1-866-446-1860.

Accuracy. Speed. Service. Confidentiality.

And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us.

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