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ASTA: Exceptional Translation Services

We can say all these things about being dead-on accurate and speedy. But how many other translation services companies can say all this?

For accuracy—
Unique to ASTA-USA, we have ExAct™. It’s our unique quality control process that means every document you send us is recreated by a native-speaking professional translator, checked by another, and then re-checked by a third. And your documents will only be entrusted to professional translators with expertise in your industry. They will know the terminology. They will know cross-cultural phraseology. The only thing the reader of the finished document won’t know is that it has been translated in the first place. It’s that precise.

For speed—
We employ 700 of our own translators across America, across time zones, across the world. And with our unique “virtual tag team” your documents are being translated at any time of the day or night. We run 24/7. What’s more, we have direct access to a 12,700-strong network of professional, accredited freelance translators so we can cover virtually every specialized subject in virtually any language.

For accreditation—
We are a member of good standing in the world’s top accreditation bodies and organizations — including the American Translator Association (ATA), The United Nations (UN), and The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT).

For confidentiality and trust—
Military, legal firms, government agencies and departments, and global companies trust us with translating their documents. Confidentiality, privacy, and secrecy are issues we take extremely seriously. Every month, our translators themselves are spot checked to ensure they’re fully up to speed with our privacy policies. Our own IT systems are audited monthly for security and stability. And we don’t just email your documents back and forth – everything is transferred on our own secure file exchange.

For service—
Our clients come to us for our accuracy and speed. But they stay for the sublime level of service we offer. Put us to the test today.