food and beverage industry translation services

Food and Beverage Industry Translation Services

Since 1987, ASTA-USA has been providing food and beverage industry translation services to all manner of companies in just about every sub-sector of the food and beverage industry, from farm to fork.

With a total of 13,500 translators around the globe, we can provide food and beverage industry translations, backed by professional knowledge

It almost goes without saying that professional ASTA-USA translators are adept at translating. That is their raison d’être. But there is more: our translators are handpicked for your project because of their food and beverage industry knowledge as well. So it is a three-way matching process: source language; target language; and industry expertise.

At ASTA-USA our professional, quality-assured work includes:

  • Animal feed labeling translations
  • Bakery and pastry packaging translations
  • Beer crate and label translations
  • Confectionery bag translations
  • Dairy packaging translations
  • Fish processing document translations
  • Fruit and vegetables shipping translations
  • Meat packaging translations
  • Distilled alcoholic drink/liquor bottling and labeling translations
  • Mill and starch products translations
  • Oils and fats labeling and ingredients translations
  • Mineral water and soft drinks purity translations
  • Wholesale distribution forms and waybill translations

Whether you are talking about sushi from Saikai or sausage from Spain, ASTA-USA has the linguistic and the industry experience to offer expert translations. We’re the professionals trusted by the professionals.

With native-speaking and degree-educated language specialists plus translators specially selected for your translation projects based on their food and drink knowledge and experience, ASTA-USA is fully qualified and accredited to offer you swift, accurate and culturally sound food and beverage industry translations.

From a single page to complete campaigns; online, offline or broadcasting materials; internal, scientific or consumer facing, join the hundreds of food and drink companies that entrust their food and beverage industry translations to us.

You cannot get much more international than food and drink; hence the need for fast and accurate food and drink translations.

We have all seen them. The amusing menu translations that give us a little titter when we are on vacation—or in a restaurant on home soil offering fare from foreign parts. Recently one of our professional translators reported an incidence of menu-speak from an Indian restaurant in London, England. The entry read thus:

The tandoor is pleased to impart the unique flavor to the cocked item.

It is easy to smirk at the errors. But when an international company such as yours is to be taken seriously in business, getting the translation absolutely perfect is no laughing matter. 

How ASTA-USA ensures the credibility of your business remains intact, with every food and beverage industry translation project.

At ASTA-USA, we take a three-pronged approach to guarantee the accuracy of your food and drink translations, no matter at what stage of the food chain your organization operates.

First of all, the linguists themselves. It almost goes without saying that the translators who work on your food and beverage translation projects will be at the top of their game. A translator on a language pair will be native speaking in either the source or the target language and typically educated to either bachelor’s or master’s degree level in the language from which or to which they are translating.

It is important to be clear about this. Imagine you are importing a processed pork product such as genuine Spanish chorizo from Galicia in Spain. The task might well include:

  • Advertising and marketing translation
  • Packaging translation
  • Ingredients list translation
  • Food safety information translation
  • Point of sale translation for in-store promotions
  • Cooking instructions translation

And the above are just examples. Now wait a moment. You’ve done the deal but when the superb spicy sausage from Spain arrives, all of the accompanying written materials are not in Spanish at all. They are in Gallego, the language of Galicia in north-west Spain. Not a dialect, a language in its own right. There is every chance that could happen because farmers and producers in Galicia are very proud of their heritage and ancestry—to the point that many of them actually refuse to communicate in Spanish at all.

So there goes your idea of asking your colleague Pablo to do the translation for you. Unless he happens to be fluent in Gallego, of course. But even so, it is unlikely that he has the translation expertise. You don’t want the pimiento in the chorizo being pleased to impart the flavor to cocked paella!

You see, at ASTA-USA, we have the cultural knowledge as well as the linguistic prowess. 

The challenge with translation starts before you even get out of the English language!

There are few industries with such a diversity, such an international-ness, underlining the requirement for expert food and drink translation services. The complexity of food and beverage translation starts before we even leave the English language.

In U.S. English, we know exactly what cilantro is. The average British-English speaking cook probably wouldn’t have a clue because they call it coriander. To you, eggplant is eggplant. In British English, it is aubergine. Capsicum to you becomes a pepper in British English: green, red or yellow—and not to be confused with the little black seeds you grind up into your food.

So you can see, even different flavors of English need translating—and that is before you start with foreign languages.

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