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Medical Research Literature Translations
Medical Research Literature Translations

Since 1987, ASTA-USA has provided the flawless translations that Medical Research Literature demands. We partner with researchers in the medical fields of dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, nursing and the allied health professions. The field of medicine is diverse, but we expertly translate all forms of research literature, including the following:

  • Journal Articles
  • Medical Textbooks
  • Health Care Literature

Journal Articles

The global medical community shares and contributes information via varied publications, oftentimes requiring translation into and from numerous languages. Most often these written documents are in the forms of articles, reviews and case reports.

  • Articles
    • The medical community documents the methods they use, the results of their work, the ensuing discussions, their conclusions, and any subsequent research.
    • Traditionally evidence-based medicine has considered randomized controlled trials to be the best practice, but in practice, it is not the basis for most medical research.
  • Reviews
    • An examination of a specific clinical subject, reviews are intended to both review the issue while occasionally introducing new work that has not yet been published elsewhere
    • Reviews can also be systematic and provide meta-analysis responding to the specified question or hypothesis by sharing and compiling the aggregate of all available evidence.
  • Case Reports
    • New clinical methods are often announced.
    • Special or uncommon medical conditions that a clinical trial cannot examine are evaluated.
    • Due to space restrictions in medical journals, this publication provides more in-depth analyses.

Medical Textbooks

Once the medical community’s opinion on a particular subject is in agreement, the findings can be officially published in medical textbooks. Generally, they consist of a broad analysis of diseases, their diagnosis, prognosis, as well as therapies and treatments to manage the disorders. Modern medical textbooks are as varied as the specialties within medicine itself, as the examples below illustrate:

Health Care Literature

Other health-related information is published via Medical Journalism and the Internet.

  • Medical Journalism includes multiple forms of media such as:
    • Television News
    • Newspapers
    • Other Scientific Journals
  • Internet:
    • Most Health Care Literature can be accessed online or via removable media such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
    • Specific online channels the provide abstracts and briefs include:

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