In Case of Emergency, Break Through Wall


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Sometimes, when you’ve had a major translation fail with your important document, you may feel like breaking through a wall just to escape the embarrassment. Technology-derived translations are often incorrect, resulting in incorrect sentence structure, mistaken terms and missed meanings. All of this is bad on its own, but the negative effects are compounded when you submit your translated document to the client only to then discover that it is an insufficient translation, causing your company unneeded embarrassment. ASTA-USA’s legal division, Legal Translation Solutions, can help you avoid that by giving your company a 100% accurate, confidential translation every time.

Companies are always concerned with the confidentiality of their documents, and rightly so. You need someone you can trust to keep the contents of your documents private, while also ensuring that each thought and nuance is correctly translated, not just the text. We have strict confidentiality standards that each of our accredited human translators adhere to. You can rest assured that your information is never shared and only the project manager and assigned translators will have access to your documents. As a legitimate, professional translation services company, we are also more than willing to sign a confidentiality agreement to avoid confusion and give you peace of mind throughout the process. We can also provide secure FTP access if you would prefer not to send your documents directly via email.

Our clients continue to come back to us for their international translation needs because they know that we provide 100% accurate translations on time and on budget, and we protect their need for privacy and confidentiality throughout the entire translation process. Other translation companies use a bidding system to hire translators and send out your special projects, but we employ our own native-speaking translators, which ensures the complete privacy of your document and the best quality as well. Our legal translators have over a decade of career translation experience which, when combined with our innovative ExAct proofreading method, provides you with error-free translations every time.

So, before you find yourself in a tangled translation situation, wanting to break through the wall just to escape, contact ASTA-USA’s legal division, Legal Translation Solutions, first and let us make your legal translation experience smooth and hassle free.