Elkhart Translation Services

Elkhart Translation Services

ASTA-USA provides Elkhart translation services. We’re delighted to be offering our translation solutions in the ‘RV Capital of the World’

What we have discovered about Elkhart, Indiana

There is no doubt that the City of Elkhart is built on building recreational vehicles. A snapshot of the city and its surrounding area shows us that there are nearly 1,000 manufacturers of RVs, parts, accessories, and trailers in Elkhart and the surrounding area.

Some of the biggest RV companies in Elkhart are:

  • Thor industries
  • Forest River – who also make trailers
  • Lippert Components – parts suppliers to RV manufacturers
  • Patrick Industries – body parts and panels, decorative vinyl
  • CTS Corporation – electrics, sensors, actuators
  • Dexter – engineered products and components
  • Skyline – ‘park-modal’ RVs

And apart from RVs?

It almost goes without saying that Elkhart does offer tours of the most impressive RV manufacturing facilities. These are useful for commercial visitors, and entertaining and interesting for tourists with an interest in RVs.

But there is more to Elkhart than RVs. For example, visitors and residents will benefit from stunning scenery along the many bike and hike trails. There are nature reserves, botanical gardens and quilt parks. To find out more about the area’s flora and fauna, there is the Elkhart Environmental Center. For culture, visitors can experience the Midwest Museum of American Art. And if visitors would like to sample a different type of transportation, the National New York Central Railroad Museum manages to capture the glory days of the America’s railroads, complete with real locomotives from bygone ages.

In Elkhart, ‘The City with a Heart’, hospitality abounds and the best way to describe the restaurants and bars around the city is in one word: eclectic. There are real Italians, American classics and healthy options to choose from.

How can ASTA-USA’s Elkhart translation services help you?

Here’s a little about us and our business. We employ 700 permanent staff right across the United States and we also have 12,300 vetted and approved, certified, professional translators around the world we can call upon. We can translate to and from any majorly recognized language in the world. Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish… And ASTA-USA has a designated department to provide specialized manufacturing translation services.

We already know that Elkhart is the capital of RV building, with 80% of America’s RVs and 52% of the entire world’s RVs being created, designed and manufactured here.

But why would you want ASTA-USA’s translation services in Elkhart, Indiana?

Business visitors. That is why. Encouraging them, entertaining them, doing business with them.

You see, if you want to get inward investment, it is always best to speak the language of your prospective customers. And that is why ASTA-USA is offering translation services in Elkhart, Indiana. Conversely, if you need to buy in parts or services from outside of the United States, if you want to import, you will find yourself on a much more credible standing if you write in their language.

ASTA-USA provides translation services in Elkhart that speak the language of RV building

Obviously, at ASTA-USA, our linguists and translators are more than adept at translating to and from the languages in which they operate—every major language in the world. That much is a given. But what makes ASTA-USA different is the fact that, due to the sheer number of translators on our books, we can find individual specialists in engineering, manufacturing and even RVs.

That means, if you need a piece of written collateral translated from American to Simplified Chinese, it won’t only be a translator that carries out the task. It will be a qualified translator with a level of professional expertise in engineering or manufacturing as well. In that way, they are off to a better start because they already understand the terms, the industry specifics, the vernacular and, dare we say it, the jargon. They will already be communicating with you and your customers at your and their level.

In short, this makes translation services in Elkhart, Indiana faster, more accurate and more efficient. Our translators will not be coming back to you time after time for clarification unless it is absolutely necessary.

What is the intellectual anatomy of an ASTA-USA person providing translation services in Elkhart, Indiana?

At ASTA-USA, we look for a number of things in our translators before they even begin.

First, and most obviously, we look at the languages they can translate to and from. At this stage, we will be looking for someone native in either the source or the target language and educated to degree level or better in the other or vice versa. To put that another way, the individual providing you with translation services in Elkhart, Indiana, if you need technical information translated from Chinese to English, may have lived and studied in Beijing but is now resident in the United States. But that is just one example of the ‘language pairs’ we can offer at ASTA-USA. We cover every major language spoken around the world today.

Next, we look for some kind of professional affinity. As well as the languages, we are looking for a level of professional background to do with the subject matter. In this case, engineering, manufacturing or sales of recreational vehicles.

Finally, every single one of our translators is background checked for confidentiality. We appreciate that the business of RVs is filled with innovations, the latest fit-outs of equipment, the cleverest devices and gadgets to make a recreational vehicle that little bit more desirable. With that in mind, every document you send us for translation, every piece of correspondence, every piece of technical specification… your secret is guaranteed safe with us.

Your document’s journey when it heads into ASTA-USA’s translation services in Elkhart, Indiana

When you contact us to arrange translation services in Elkhart, Indiana, you will be greeted by a professional project manager who will take the time to discuss your exact requirements and start the process.

You will be quoted a price for the work your translation entails and your documents will be securely dispatched to a professional translator who will be briefed and ready to go. Once they have finished their draft translation, all of the documents will be sent to an equally qualified professional for checking. If there are any questions, these will be raised and dealt with.

Here, you have yet another advantage by using ASTA-USA: we make time zones work to our advantage. Where possible, your draft translations will be sent to another translator who is effectively working behind us in time. So, your materials will be worked on out of office hours, ready for review when we get back to work.

That is essentially how ASTA-USA’s efficiency and accuracy are worked into one streamlined process.

For translation services in Elkhart, Indiana, ASTA-USA is unbeatable.

ASTA-USA has been providing translation services in Elkhart, Indiana, and many cities across America and the world for almost four decades. The reasons for our success are simple:

  • Accuracy
  • Unwavering dedication to service
  • Confidentiality
  • Speed

Contact us without delay to arrange the translation of your important materials.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!