IT and Telecom translation services

IT and Telecoms Translation Services

ASTA-USA provides expert, professional and accredited IT and telecoms translation services, and we have been doing so since 1987. In an industry with such a wealth of technical words and terms, it is good to know that our translators have direct experience in the hardware and software that makes up your solutions—as well as the necessary linguistic prowess.

Expand your global reach with IT and telecoms translation services. Start today!

With the right infrastructure, your products and solutions have the potential to be deployed and used in virtually any country in the developed world. The only other thing that could be potentially holding you back? Language.

But now, with ASTA-USA IT and telecoms translation services, your software and hardware solutions and all the documentation that goes with them—whether on or offline—can be translated quickly and accurately.

We are very used to handling multi-thread, large projects simultaneously and you can be assured that the individual translators that we hand pick for your job will be well versed in the technologies that you are offering. Our translation methodology and the accredited or certified professionals who carry out the work make for rapid translated content with absolutely no compromise on quality or accuracy.

With this specific expertise, ASTA-USA translators can offer your company or organization:

  • Hardware manual translations
  • Software manual translations
  • Instruction translations
  • Helpfile translations
  • Bot script translations
  • Customer service script and prompt translations
  • User interface translations
  • Information architecture translations
  • User experience translations
  • Website translations
  • App translations
  • Project management translations
  • Project reporting translations
  • Industrial computing translations
  • Image processing translations
  • Artificial intelligence translations
  • Flowchart translations
  • Functional design specification translations
  • Documentation translations
  • Field notes translations
  • Technical article translations
  • Software localization and translation

In fact, anything written, in any medium, that is to do with information technology or telecommunications, we can translate it—from or to virtually any language.

Technically speaking, our professionals in IT and telecoms translation services are experienced and fully up to date.

Not only are our linguists professionally qualified in the languages they translate into and from (that much is obvious—but more on that topic later), but the individuals we select to work on your translation projects will be familiar with and experienced in the technicalities of the job as well.

Perhaps more so than in many other industries, information technology and telecoms translation is full of enormously technical detail and phraseology—both in the source language and the target. So if your translation is concerned with large-scale, network-level telecommunications, the translators assigned to your project will fully understand that when you are talking about a ‘switch’ you are more likely going to mean a highly complex piece of equipment for routing telephone calls, rather than something on the wall to turn on the light.

If a piece of documentation to be translated is about software at a technical rather than user level and it refers to a ‘buffer’, your translator will know that it is talking about a piece of allocated computer memory. Rather than—admittedly to stretch the point—equipment to stop a train running off the end of the railroad!

But the question is, would a generic translator outside of IT and telecoms translation services know these terms well enough to preserve the meaning of your document, web page, helpfile, or other piece of written communication?

ASTA-USA translators very definitely do—which is why, even with technical translations, your content is immaculately intact in the target language.

We have the technology. But our IT and Telecoms translation services are completely personal…

The ASTA-USA directory of translators is a database comprising more than 13,000 records of linguists, based all over the world. Many of them are directly employed by us, others are tried, tested and trusted specialist contractors. Each record contains:

  • Name, location and contact details of the translator
  • Languages and level of qualification in those languages (typically bachelor’s degree fluency)
  • Particular areas of expertise and amount and level of experience

That way we can very quickly find the translators you need. In IT and telecoms translation, we very rarely hear of a request for translation that is not urgent. At ASTA-USA, we appreciate that.

There are few areas of business that move so quickly as information technology and telecommunications. We know that getting your translations executed swiftly and accurately gives you a valuable competitive edge.

The utmost level of confidentiality

Every day, ASTA-USA is entrusted with highly confidential documents. You will find it refreshing to know that we have very strict systems in place to keep your trade secrets, well, secret.

In an industry that is largely underpinned by innovation, we would not want your new technologies or methodologies becoming known by your competitors.

You are welcome to ask us about our confidentiality practices if you have any concerns. For now, we would like you to know that we have never had a leak.

ASTA-USA translators are native in either target or source language

For the sake of argument, imagine you need Japanese technical documentation translating into American English. Generally, the translator we select for you will actually be Japanese and will typically have a Bachelor’s degree in English and a thorough knowledge of one of the widely adopted style guides for written English and professional experience in your area of technology.

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