Knowing The Difference in Translation Services

Knowing The Difference in Translation Services – i.e. automated translation vs. human translation.  ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. eliminates the headache of technology-driven translations. Our native-speaking translators provide error-free translations of your important business documents every time. The attention to detail and cultural knowledge that our human translators bring to the table provide what other translation service companies often cannot.

Are customers aware of the poor quality of automated translations?

Surprisingly (or not), the short answer is: Yes, they are. But automated translations come in where professional translation services would never have been used in the first place – in day-to-day needs like asking for directions in a foreign country, deciphering social media posts of your foreign friends or clients, researching something on the Internet. And while the translations may be flawed, they do fulfill the need of quickly retrieving desired information, like travel guides or dictionaries used to. There is always room for new tools without taking away the offerings of long-established services.

Let’s look at Uber, for example. Taxi companies all over the world have been going ballistic because they are afraid that Uber is stealing their business, since the new competitor is much more flexible (and mostly cheaper) thanks to their use of innovative technology. However, if you look at the situation more closely, Uber actually created its own share of customers in the transportation market because a lot of the people using the services would have actually not taken a taxi – due to the high cost – but rather sought some other ride-share option (parents actually, since a lot of young people use the service), public transportation or a rental car, or they may not have taken the trip at all.

The difference is even more pronounced in the language translation business, because the quality of the service differs so dramatically. If you need an official document translated for a foreign government, you will not take the chances of using Google translate. If your company needs an agreement translated for a new international partnership, you know that no app in the world will cut it. And if you want to offer your website in multiple languages, you might have already seen the disasters that can happen when companies do not hire professional language service companies. If you haven’t, this is what happens when you auto-translate the website of the German parliament into English, for example: “The Committee on Legal Affairs and Consumer Protection brings intensively in the design of European legal standards.” Huh? No question about it, accurate, reliable, professional human translation services have their well-earned place – now more than ever.