Automatic Translation Isnt All It Seems
International business is hard enough on its own, don’t complicate the situation further by using inaccurate automatic translation tools. ASTA-USA

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When correct and accurate translation of legal and official documentation has crucial implications, America’s top law firms and corporate legal representatives turn to the experts at ASTA-USA.

Automatic Translation Isn’t All It Seems

International business is hard enough on its own. Don’t further complicate the situation by using inaccurate automatic translation tools. Would you put your business translation needs in the hands of someone like this? If you wouldn’t trust her, don’t trust your critical business communications to a machine.  Automatic Translation, also known as Machine Translation (MT) […]

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International Law Translation Case Study

Client Testimony “You replied the quickest and had a great turnaround and price. The other vendors wanted to know who referred me, etc. I didn’t have time for that! I am only using you from now on. Lifesaver!… I just circulated your information to all secretaries/paralegals in the Atlanta office.” – ABC client Like any […]

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Automobile Manufacturing Case Study

ASTA-USA has had the privilege of partnering with a top international automobile manufacturer since the early 1990s. Both companies have built their brand and reputation on one word: Reliability. For nearly 30 years, we’ve partnered closely with this company to provide fast, accurate and dependable services in the following ways:  Automobile Manufacturer’s Corporate Translation Services […]

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Reliability “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle What makes Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., the preferred choice for document translation? Quality. We don’t rely solely on the expertise of our translators – although we could; we have processes in place to […]

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Translating Small Business Innovation into Big Business Success

Huffington Post recently published an article highlighting small business innovations that big business should adapt for future success. It stated, “According to PwC’s ‘Future of Work’ study, which surveyed over 1,300 workers and 200 C-level executives, employees at small businesses are significantly happier than their counterparts at larger corporations are, thanks to less red tape, […]

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In Case of Emergency, Break Through Wall

Photo Credit: Sometimes, when you’ve had a major translation fail with your important document, you may feel like breaking through a wall just to escape the embarrassment. Technology-derived translations are often incorrect, resulting in incorrect sentence structure, mistaken terms and missed meanings. All of this is bad on its own, but the negative effects […]

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World Trade Week and Legal Translation Services

With the business community focused on world trade, it’s vital to highlight the importance of accurate legal translation services. Legal Translation Solutions provides error-free legal translations by native-speaking translators with over a decade of experience. Their understanding of culture and grammar allows them to accurately translate thoughts and ideas that technology-driven translations always miss. Every […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate International Trade Month

International trade is a staple of the U.S. economy, made possible through the foundation of legal agreements. Through these contracts, America’s best companies are able to send their goods and services around the world and establish trade avenues that are vital to the success of all people. These contracts could not be made, however, without […]

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Professional Translations and Reviews

Professional Translation Services – Professional Translations and Reviews Professional document translation consists of a 3-step process that includes different levels of review: Editing/Proofreading and Final Review/Certification. In the following, we are taking a look at why it is crucial to allow for time to perform revisions, corrections, and improvements as needed in every single document […]

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Translation Services Languages and Cultural Background

Professional Translation Services – Languages and Cultural Background The raw materials, so-to-speak, of the professional translator serving professional document translation services companies are languages. Languages are social creations and thus inseparable from their cultural context. In order to produce high quality, accurate business document translations, professional translators need to have an in-depth understanding of source […]

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