Pictured: A scenic outdoor landscape in Maine.

Maine Translation Services

ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. has provided translation services in Maine for 30 years. We are proud to have partnered with some of the state’s top businesses, organizations and prominent citizens to help them connect with their non-English speaking audiences and international business partners. We are a dependable constant in an ever-fluctuating market and are here to provide the best service possible.

The State of Maine

The Pine Tree State became the 23rd state in America in 1820. It’s famous for its lobster, coastlines and islands. It’s full of unique attractions, history, diverse people and a growing economy. Marginal Way Preservation Fund is one of New England’s only paved public shore paths. Over a mile long, the path offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and connects Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach. Mount Desert Island, the largest island off the coast of Maine and home to Acadia National Park, attracts millions of visitors a year. The island is home to over 10,000 residents and annual vacationers seeking a storybook getaway. Casco Bay is a natural deep-water harbor that launches over 50 cruise ships every year and is near some of the area’s best restaurants. History buffs will love learning about the rich history of the area and the country at the General Henry Knox Museum. As people have moved to Maine throughout the years, they have brought with them their languages, cultures and traditions. These have added immeasurable value to Maine’s history and culture. Besides English, the most commonly spoken languages in the state are French, Spanish, African and Mon-Khmer. Many people relocate in order to have a more successful life and take advantage of education and job opportunities. The main industries that support Maine are healthcare, retail, tourism, education and construction. Healthcare has been one of the state’s fastest-growing industries lately, employing just under 10% of the population. Over one million people work in the retail industry in Maine, including in places like clothing shops, car dealerships and restaurants. Maine’s famous lobster, lighthouse coasts and history make tourism a billion-dollar industry for the state. From elementary school to college and everywhere in between, education positions employ over 50,000 residents. As more people relocate to the Pine Tree State, more infrastructure is needed, causing construction jobs to increase as well. Some of the largest employers in Maine are:

  • Hannaford Brothers Company
  • Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club
  • Maine Medical Center
  • General Dynamics Bath Iron Works
  • L.L. Bean

These companies and many more need access to reliable document translation services in Maine. Whether it’s translating legal contracts, paperwork or applications, 100% accurate document translation is vital to the success of any growing company. ASTA-USA is here to help. For years, we have been the preferred company for document translation services in Maine. At ASTA-USA, our accredited translators are professionals of the highest caliber. They are native speakers of the language you need, meaning they have an innate understanding of the language, culture, sentence structure and grammar needed to complete a correct document translation. They can translate culture-specific sayings, which allows us to return your document as an exact match to the original. In addition to being native speakers, our linguists have completed an extensive education and have at least 10 years of career translation experience. They are truly the best in the business, and we trust their level of work completely. We have certified translators for over 70 languages and industries. English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Portuguese are just a few of the languages we translate into and from. No language pair is too rare for us to handle with professional perfection. Our skilled linguists stay up-to-date on not only the latest translation industry news, but on different industry news and terminology as well. We stay current on the events and news relevant to your company’s industry in order to provide as complete a translation as possible and ensure that everything flows and makes sense. Business, legal, marketing, finance, technical, trade, government, medical, science and research, fashion and education are just a few of the 70 industries we work with.

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As part of the Maine business community, we want to continue partnering with the state’s top companies to help them grow and thrive on the local and international business market. We understand the significance and need of continued company growth and success within such a dynamic market. By utilizing Maine translation services, your company is making the most of every business connection and globally growing its brand. Contact us today for your free quote outlining our translation services within Maine. [/vc_column_text]