manufacturing translation services

Manufacturing Translation Services

ASTA-USA offers unsurpassed manufacturing industry translation services to international companies, right across America. We are trusted by businesses like yours to deliver translated content of all types and sizes in just about every language, pair of languages or group of languages you can think of.

Here are some of the many reasons why ASTA-USA is selected as a manufacturing industry translation services provider.

Why choose ASTA-USA as your manufacturing industry translation services provider?

We are fast. We understand completely that time is of the essence in order for you to compete most effectively in the global market. We make time zones work to our advantage using our network of accredited and qualified linguists based all over the world. It works like this: Once a draft is completed, it is passed—backwards in time, if you will—to be checked initially by another, equally qualified manufacturing industry translation services linguist. When the originator starts their day, they check the checking, and any corrections or points of contention and send it to your personally assigned project manager for final checking.

We are accurate. It goes without saying that your translation projects are handled by linguists who are perfectly fluent in both the source and target language. For example, if you need documentation translating from English to Swiss French, your translator may have been born in London, England and studied in Geneva, Switzerland. But there is more…

Your translators will have a professional and/or academic grounding in manufacturing. Obviously, your translators will be perfectly fluent in the languages that you require. But what makes ASTA-USA linguists selected to perform your manufacturing translation projects different is that they will also be experienced and qualified in the specific area of manufacturing with which you are concerned.

We are just so easy to work with! Thanks to our long-established processes and procedures, manufacturing industry translation services provided by ASTA-USA run like the proverbial well-oiled machine. From the start, you will be assigned a project and account manager who will be your single point of contact. They will undertake the running of your translations and will be the person who will know the inner workings of your project, what stage everything is at, and ensure that your translations are completed accurately and to the agreed deadlines.

Manufacturing industry translations services have their own technical challenges.

At ASTA-USA, we understand that certain industry sectors possess their own vernacular, their pieces of jargon. And in an arena as complex and involved as manufacturing, we also appreciate that the vernacular can be quite spectacular!

So, what exactly is a ‘tad’?

Working in the British Midlands, still the beating heart of British manufacturing, a technical author and translator was documenting the design and build of a prototype piece of equipment. The machine was being built to automatically align four-color separations, the films that are used later in a photo-chemical process to make color printing plates.

As a part of documenting this element of the project, it was necessary to interview one of the senior engineers. The engineer kept on referring to a ‘tad’ as some sort of measurement. The author had not come across this term and inquired politely as to how long or much a tad actually was. With a face of stone, the wizened engineer turned to the young writer and said: “A tad, son, is one-sixteenth of a micron…” and he paused before saying: “Plus a tad.”

Thankfully, the writer, knowing that the documentation was going to have to be translated (by him!), knew full well that this was never going to make sense, and finally managed to get a more accurate and meaningful metric measurement out of the engineer.

The moral? If your translators know their subject, and do not just translate blindly from given texts, you will encounter fewer problems in the end. When we are providing manufacturing industry translation services, we use linguists that are not only fluent in the source and target languages themselves, but also in the language of the sector.

Often confidentiality is key. We know this.

In the design and manufacturing sector, we appreciate that protecting the secrecy of your projects is often of paramount importance. That is why, at ASTA-USA, we have checked and double-checked procedures in place to utterly guarantee your trade secrets remain, well, secret.

ASTA-USA is trusted not only by manufacturing companies but also by businesses and organizations in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and aviation—as well as local and Federal government departments.

ASTA-USA: your one-stop workshop for manufacturing industry translation services.

At ASTA-USA, we have over 700 staff who work directly for us and an international network of a further 12,300 qualified, accredited translators and linguists who know more than just about translation. They know their subject as well, as patently illustrated above.

That is how, since 1987, ASTA-USA has become America’s most trusted provider of manufacturing industry translation services.

From small, single language-to-language translations to translating the documentation of entire projects, ASTA-USA is here to help you.

For swift and accurate translations, by linguists who speak the language of your industry as well, contact us for a FREE quotation without delay.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!

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