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Minnesota Translation Services

Throughout the years, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. has been the trusted choice for document translation services in Minnesota. We have partnered with some of the largest companies in the world to help them connect with their target audience and international business partners through translated documents. Our linguistic experts understand the importance of business communication and do everything they can to make that process as smooth as possible. There is no industry or language pair that we can’t handle.

State of Minnesota Businesses & Demographics

The Land of 10,000 Lakes became the 32nd state of America in 1858. Since then, Minnesota has become a top spot for fun attractions, attracted people from all over the world to become local residents and established a healthy economy. The Minneapolis Institute of Art showcases some of the world’s finest pieces of art with new exhibits, classes and community events. Residents enjoy America’s pastime at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Target Field is the perfect place to enjoy spring and summer weather in Minnesota. One of the state’s most beloved attractions is the National Eagle Center. Here, visitors will see America’s national bird up close while learning everything there is to know about them. To gain a full appreciation for Minnesota’s natural beauty, take a ride down North Shore Scenic Drive. This beautiful byway takes motorists along the banks of the world’s largest freshwater lake, past the Sawtooth Mountains and around many other must-see landmarks. To get a fully immersive experience, residents and tourists can take a hike, camp or picnic at Gooseberry Falls State Park. Minnesota has more to offer than just great attractions, though. It has incredible business opportunities and a welcoming, diverse population. As the job market has grown, it has drawn people from all over the world to settle in Minnesota. Once here, people contribute not only their work ethic and innovations to the state, but their languages and cultural traditions as well. Besides English, the most commonly-spoken languages in Minnesota are Spanish, African dialects, Hmong and Laotian. The main industries that support Minnesota’s economy and provide the most jobs are bioscience, manufacturing, wind energy, data centers and animal science. The Mayo Clinic provides many jobs in the bioscience industry, making Minnesota a hot spot for medical innovation. Manufacturing also plays a large role in the state’s economy, contributing around $40 billion annually. Wind turbine technology generates jobs and income, making Minnesota the third largest wind generator in the country. Many data centers are located in the state thanks to its naturally-cool climate. This saves companies money on energy and overhead costs, while nearby lakes also help cool the technology. Minnesota also leads the country in livestock and livestock product production, especially for turkeys, hogs, cows and milk. Some of the largest employers in Minnesota are:

  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Target
  • Allina Health

With so many international visitors and residents, it’s vital that Minnesota companies, whether corporate headquarters or hospitals, partner with a document translation services company in Minnesota, like ASTA-USA. By doing so, companies ensure that they are accurately communicating with their clients and partners to make lasting connections. Translating websites, product packing, job applications and contracts allows companies to build rapport with customers, establish long-lasting customer loyalty and attract top talent from around the world. It also ensures that everyone is on the same page and has a thorough understanding of the business at hand. ASTA-USA has a network of skilled, in-house document translators that are the best in the field. They are native speakers of the language your company needs, giving them an innate understanding of culture, language, sentence structure and grammar. Additionally, each of our certified linguists possesses an extensive education, at least 10 years of career experience and have been approved by some of the world’s leading organizations such as The United Nations, The Institute of Linguists, the American Translators Association, La Société Française des Traducteurs, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators. Our linguistic experts can translate any document into and from 70 languages in just as many industries. Contracts, websites, marketing materials, technical documents and more are in our wheelhouse of expertise. Our translators have industry experience and stay up to date on the latest trends and terminology pertaining to your company. From corporate business, legal, finance, science, research and technical manuals to marketing, fashion, education and entertainment, we have translators who have experience translating documents for virtually every industry. English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese are just a few of the languages we work in. We also specialize in different dialects, like French Canadian, to ensure that you receive exactly what you need. We work hard to ensure that every aspect of your document is translated; going beyond simple text translation and making sure that the meaning and message of your document stays intact.

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As part of the Minnesota business community, we want to continue partnering with the state’s top companies to help them grow and thrive on the local and international business market. We understand the significance and need of continued company growth and success within such a dynamic market. By utilizing Minnesota translation services, your company is making the most of every business connection and globally growing its brand. Contact us today for your free quote outlining our translation services within Minnesota. [/vc_column_text]