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Trenton Translation Services

ASTA-USA is delighted to be able to provide Trenton translation services. Trenton is the State Capital of New Jersey and has actually been the capital of the United States of America, albeit in a temporary capacity. After just two months in 1784, Trenton’s status as national capital was brought to an end because the southern states required a capital south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

What we have discovered about the City of Trenton…

Being a sizable city, Trenton offers plenty to do for visitors and residents alike.

Discover the New Jersey State Museum, complete with its own planetarium. Interestingly this was the first museum in the United States to provide more formal education as its mission. To do this day, there is very much a focus on younger visitors. In the museum’s Bureau of Fine Art there are over 12,000 works of art including paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptures. This is a major museum: in the Bureau of Natural History, visitors will find over 250,000 specimens which have been collected from around the world for their historic, cultural and scientific interest. Visitors can also explore the Bureau of Archeology and Cultural history.

There are the Grounds for Sculpture, a public park with sculptures to admire, to take time to relax. And, for another slice of pure history, take a trip to the Old Barracks Museum with its scheduled tours and experts on hand to answer your questions.

Of course, in a city of its size and population, visitors and residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining: everything from fast food from independents to chains, to fine Michelin Star-level dining. But there are two indigenous specialties that are ‘must-tries’: Trenton Tomato Pie and pork roll. The pork roll is rather what you expect: it is a roll processed pork but was developed by notable Trenton epicurean, John Taylor in 1904. To cook, it is sliced and fried rather like Canadian bacon but… somehow… has a taste all its own. The Trenton Tomato Pie, however, is different in flavor and appearance. It is rather like an upside-down pizza, in that the tomato paste or passata is applied to the top, over the cheese and other toppings. This gives it a more intense tomato flavor.

For accommodation, there are plenty of places to stay from B&Bs to major hotels.

Trenton is served copiously by bus routes and there is a light rail. Trenton is 42 miles away from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL/KPHL).

Why do fast and accurate Trenton translation services matter?

By far the biggest employer in Trenton, not surprisingly, is state government. However, Trenton also has a burgeoning manufacturing and service industry economy. Part of the reason for this is that, away from New York City, land costs, taxes, and rent are far lower. The development of business in Trenton is backed generously by state and local government.

Businesses (and organizations) here should strongly consider partnering with ASTA-USA for Trenton translation services because…

ASTA-USA’s Trenton translation services are flawlessly accurate

Thanks to our proprietary set of procedures—we call it ExAct™—we pride ourselves in being able to offer supremely accurate translations. Firstly, every ASTA-USA translation is carried out by linguists who are typically native in the source language, and educated in the target language. So if your translation is required to be from American English to Spanish (incidentally, almost 35 per cent of people in Trenton speak Spanish), your translator will be perfectly fluent and educated in English, but may have been born in Spain. Or vice versa.

Secondly, once a draft of your business or personal documents have been prepared in the target language, they are checked by an equally qualified second translator.

Trenton translation services offered by ASTA-USA are also remarkably speedy

We have over 700 permanent, full-time staff and some 12,300 linguists on our comprehensive database. We can search quickly for the individual linguists you need but not just depending on languages they can speak and, of course write. Thanks to our reach, we can often match languages plus skills and previous professional experience. So, if for example, you require some marketing collateral translating from English to Simplified Chinese, we can find a translator who has perfect fluency in both languages but also has professional experience in information technology. This means the linguist is already up to speed with much of the vernacular of the business sector in which you operate.

ASTA-USA, in providing Trenton translation services, is also a truly global organization. Our linguists are in just about every corner of the globe. That means we can actually make time zones work to our—and your— advantage. Again, once a draft of your translation has been completed, the double check may effectively ‘passed backwards in time’. When the initial translator has finished for the day and it is their evening, the second linguist is just beginning their working day. In this way, ASTA-USA operates Trenton translation services right around the clock.

All with a service of which we are truly proud

When you contact us to ask for a free quote for Trenton translation services, we will respond within minutes to ascertain your precise requirements. A knowledgeable account manager will oversee your project from beginning to end.

Who might use Trenton translation services?

Being a State Capital, it is not wholly surprising that the biggest and most prominent employer is state and local government. ASTA-USA is frequently called upon by government organizations of all sizes and kinds to provide translation services. It is a large part of our business because we are proven to be reliable, accurate and swift.

Some of the other larger businesses in Trenton we have heard about include:

  • Capital Health, healthcare providers
  • The Times of Trenton Publishing, established in 1882
  • Joseph Jingoli Son, contract construction and services
  • Charles Jones, public record information services
  • Marshall Industrial Technologies, plant and machinery installation and repair
  • Switlik Parachute, family business manufacturing safety and support parachutes

Computer giant Dell and healthcare providers Abbott Laboratories are two very large corporations with offices in Trenton, New Jersey.

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