No Error: Translation Services for Corporations

We Rely on Accurate Translations

About a week ago, a “foreign donation scandal” involving President Obama was revealed to be the result of a Google mistranslation. As the case made the news, it demonstrated poignantly how much we rely on the accuracy of day-to-day communications brought to us from all over the world. There is no room for any error in translation services for corporations.  ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. can provide your company with accurate, reliable business document translations the first time around. Our native-speaking translators are experts in the translation services industry, while our innovative proofreading system guarantees error-free translations every time.

Corporations deal with multilingual documents on an ongoing basis, and translation errors can not only be costly but also damage a company’s reputation. Embarrassment just doesn’t make for good marketing, as shown by the classic examples of popular US car brand Chevrolet (the Chevy Nova was literally a no-go in the Spanish-speaking markets, suggesting it actually won’t drive – ‘no va’) or baby food maker Gerber’s foray into French territory (‘gerber’ is French for throwing up). Irony aside, the manifold needs for document translation in modern-day corporations go well beyond promotion and marketing, and equally involve legal, technical, and financial materials. Mistakes in these types of documents are not to be taken lightly.

Professional language services companies have the resources to provide reliable, high-quality translations in virtually any language pair. They work with certified translators around the globe specializing in different areas of expertise. A solid partnership with such a firm not only protects corporations from gaffes and miscommunications in their international relations but helps them expand into new markets or break new ground by allowing access to the latest research, regardless of the source language. Long-term cooperation often leads to the creation of company-owned glossaries to ensure consistency in terminology across the board. Not all may be as extensive (and public) as the famed Microsoft glossary with its 90+ languages, but they serve as a valuable tool within the framework of translation services for global corporations. The latter can proceed with their operations, knowing they can count on the accuracy of the requested translations. Scandals will have to be created elsewhere.