U.S. Olympic and Professional Translation Services

U.S. Olympic Committee Utilizes Professional Translation Services Company for Successful International Marketing

Photo Credit: http://www.brandchannel.com/2016/07/29/ralph-lauren-rio-2016-072916/
Photo Credit: http://www.brandchannel.com/2016/07/29/ralph-lauren-rio-2016-072916/

With this year’s Olympic games, the U.S. is testing out a new idea to expand the American economy and grow its presence around the world. The Team USA Olympic store was set up in Rio this year to sell American clothing and products from brands like Ralph Lauren, Nike and Alex and Ani. Initially it would seem like an easy task, but not so in Rio. Due to Brazil’s difficult economic environment and political uncertainty, it has taken years for organizers to be able to gain the approval needed. One of the key components of their eventual success meant that the U.S. Olympic Committee turn to a professional translation services company for the majority of their written materials.

In achieving this goal, a lot of paperwork and contracts had to be written, edited and exchanged. To do this successfully, accurate translation of legal documents from English to Portuguese and vice versa had to be readily available as soon as possible. A company like ASTA-USA and its legal division, Legal Translation Solutions, would be the top choice when choosing a reliable translation services company to partner with.

According to a Bloomberg Markets article, it would be easier to open the Team USA store in 115 countries other than Brazil. CFO Morane Kerek stated, “It was very complicated. We really had to rely on experts. We are in the sports business, we’re not in the setting-up-companies business.” The article went on to detail that in order to set up this company, the United States Olympic Committee, or USOC, had to comply with local rules such as having a Brazilian president and employing local associates. Again, accurate document translation is key to the success of this effort, ensuring that each employee, at any level, understands their employment paperwork, rules and guidelines. Our native-speaking translators would also have thorough knowledge of the culture and could give the most accurate translations possible.

Another challenge faced by the USOC was getting all of the Team USA goods into Brazil, a country notorious for customs delays. Thanks to the hard work of Olympic organizers and error-free document translation, the importing process went more smoothly than normal, enabling the store to hit the ground running on opening day.

All of this work has not only been for the 2-week Olympic event, however. These efforts have been part of a much larger marketing strategy by the USOC. The store will remain open after the games, making the most of its strategic position right next to the USA hospitality house. USOC’s chief marketing officer, Lisa Baird, has high hopes and expectations for the store’s impact on the U.S. economy. As stated in the article, “With several high-profile athletes, the odd celebrity and top business executives passing through the store’s doors and sharing their experience on social media, Baird expects the impact to lead to sales in the U.S. as well.”

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