This is a skyline of downtown Portland where ASTA-USA offers professional translation services.

Beaverton Translation Services

ASTA-USA is delighted to present its Beaverton translation services, designed to help the established and growing business community expand into new international territories. How? As a Beaverton translation services company, we can help eradicate language barriers with overseas customers, suppliers and colleagues who speak a language other than English.

Indeed, ASTA-USA’s professional, certified and accredited translators can translate to or from any major language in the world. Since 1987, when we were established, we have grown into a corporation with 700 full-time employees and a close network of some 12,300 tried and tested contractors.

What is the business of Beaverton?

Outside of city-based occupations such as, healthcare and education—and the city itself—the largest commercial employers that could potentially use Beaverton translation services are:

  • Nike, sports shoes and apparel 
  • Comcast Cable, networking, physical cabling
  • IBM Corp., computing
  • Nationstar Mortgage, mortgages
  • Fred Meyer, hypermarket stores
  • Pacific Office Automation, office equipment dealers

Beaverton also has a science park. Not Silicon Valley, but Silicon Forest, befitting the nature of the environment in which it sits. And this area is home to several big-name technology companies, notably:

  • The Linux Technology Center (of IBM)
  • Tektronix
  • Maxim Integrated Products
  • VeriWave
  • Phoenix Technologies

Most of these companies have international reach; they deal with people who do not have English as a first language. ASTA-USA’s Beaverton translation services will help by making written communication run back and forth more smoothly by using the native language of the recipient and the sender.

How ASTA-USA’s Beaverton translation services work

You will find that ASTA-USA’s Beaverton translation services operate under three main premises: unwavering accuracy, superb service, and speed.

Native translators whose work is checked and double checked

We typically use native speaking translators in that they are from the country in which either the source or target language is spoken. They will be educated to degree level in the other. Our proprietary ExAct™ program means that every piece of translation work that is carried out is then checked by another translator with at least equal qualifications. The translation is sent back to the originator where any corrections themselves are once again checked.

Excellent client service

We are known for our unsurpassed client service, and we know you will experience the same. From the moment you contact us, within minutes, you will assigned a personal account manager who will oversee your translation projects and ensure that they run to time.


As well as being experts in the languages (they have to be), we can usually assign translators who have direct professional experience in your own line of business. So they will already be fully familiar with any terms or vernacular that are inherent in your industry. This speeds the process. Furthermore, if it is possible, we will use time zones to our benefit during the checking process. Our linguists are located all over the world so oftentimes it is possible to send a draft for checking while the originator has completed business for the day.

Things to see and do in and around Beaverton

Oregon Geographic Names says quite plainly that the Beaverton is so-called because of… beavers! Early settlers were a Native American tribe known as Atfalati and, owing to a large body of water where beavers could be seen building their dams, they named the place Chakeipi which we know translates to, quite simply, ‘Place of the Beavers’.

Can you see beavers in Beaverton? Apparently, they are around but they are also very shy. They occasionally make the news, too. In 2008 a family of beavers had to be relocated to an alternate lake because their activities (i.e. building dams) had caused the water level rise and was in danger of flooding. Whether you make eye contact with a beaver in Beaverton or not, you will at least stand a chance if you make your way to Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Interpretive Center, featuring stunning Oregon scenery, bike and hike trails and scheduled nature sessions.

Beaverton is very proud of its international cuisine as well. Take your tastebuds on a tour of Tualatin Valley where you will find restaurants specializing in Japanese, Korean, Indian, traditional Mexican and Salvadoran dishes.

Finally, for something a little different, Oregon is home to ghost towns and haunted spots that are well worth a visit.

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