Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Some of the largest and best-known pharmaceutical companies in the United States—if not the world—come to ASTA-USA for rapid, accurate and compliant pharmaceutical translation services.

ASTA-USA’s professional translators and linguists are trusted to provide a wide range of pharmaceutical translation services. They too are qualified in pharmacy, pharmacology, or medicine. For that matter, whatever specific branch of the life sciences you need.

Couple that with an utterly sublime level of service and you have a recipe for success.

Triple-qualified to provide pharmaceutical translation services—and more

Triple-qualified? Yes! And here is how.

As providers of pharmaceutical translation services, our translators and linguists are fluent in both the source and target language. That almost goes without saying. However, at ASTA-USA, we go further.

Typically, when you come to us for pharmaceutical translation services, your lead translator will be native speaking in the source language. What is more, they will be educated to Bachelor’s Degree level in the target language. Or the other way around: native in target and higher-educated in source.

Not only does this give you supremely accurate translations, but there is something more. Nuance is always preserved. Currency of language embraced. Culture is respected. Whichever way round you are having a piece of text translated, an ASTA-USA translator will have their linguistic boots on the ground, so to speak.

Surely the provision of pharmaceutical translation services is purely medical, clinical, and technical?

Well, it is. Usually. But recently we heard of a clinical trial that was almost completely jeopardized by the misplacement of a single word. Here is the story.

A roll-out trial was taking place in a remote and rural part of northern India. The details of the trial do not matter, but a survey required the answers of both the man and the woman in a relationship.

The questionnaire asked about the opinion of the ‘partner’. To put it bluntly, in the area of India where the language in question was primarily spoken, referring to anyone as a ‘partner’ has decidedly untoward connotations. The translator of the survey questions absolutely should have said ‘husband’ or ‘wife’. Using the label ‘Partner’ was positively offensive!

At ASTA-USA, we would have selected a pharmaceutically qualified translator, but also a translator who had knowledge of the culture where the roll-out trial was being carried out.

That is an extreme example. But also consider that other languages treat entire concepts differently. So, for example, if you are reading this, you know exactly what a ‘splitting headache’ is (not because you are reading this, we hope). In Spanish, they have a single word for it. And the word is jaqueca.

And as any British traveler to the United States with a headache will testify, asking for paracetamol at their nearest CVS might run the risk of only exacerbating the problem. So, you can see, even before we get out of English there could be a need for translation! 

Your ASTA-USA pharmaceutical translation services linguists know all of this, in every major language the world has to offer. That is because they are triple qualified. Source language. Target language. Particular field of life sciences.

What do America’s top companies and organizations want from our pharmaceutical translation services?

ASTA-USA’s accredited, certified and qualified linguists can translate any kind of written material… From any major language, to any other major language in the world.

For example, you might need:

  • Discharge translations
  • Manual translations
  • Patient translations
  • Product information translations
  • Patient record translations
  • Patient translations 
  • Equipment or medical device translations
  • Patient history translations
  • Promotional materials translations
  • Scientific communications translations
  • Formulations translations
  • Patient information leaflet translations
  • Therapy translations
  • Doctor’s note translations
  • Sick note translations
  • Bibliography translations
  • Clinical study translations
  • Clinical trials translations
  • Regulatory framework translations

Whatever we are translating, your confidentiality is assured 

We understand that confidentiality—or even secrecy— is paramount throughout the life sciences arena. In fact, by default, we assume everything is confidential. Patient records translations. Clinical trials translations. Even promotional literature and website translations before they are released.

One of the reasons we have been established as a translation services provider since 1987 is that we are trusted. And that is important. From government departments to legal departments… They trust us.

They trust us because we have put the necessary—and sometimes even mandatory— procedures and protocols in place to completely guarantee confidentiality.

Pharmaceutical translation services for regulatory compliance

Of course, out translators are totally fluent in the languages and the area of life sciences required—in this case, pharmaceutical translation services. But they are also adept at writing your translations in such a way that they stand more of a chance of getting through local regulatory compliance on the first pass.

They have done it before. All of them. They are used to it. The only difference is, it’s in another language. But the language is either second or even first nature to them!

We have developed a formula for fast, accurate, and compliant pharmaceutical translation services. Switch to ASTA-USA today.

If you need a fast, reliable and accurate pharmaceutical translations services provider, the professional pharmaceutical translators at ASTA-USA are here to help.

Call us now on 1-866-446-1860. Or, if you prefer, there’s a very short and to-the-point contact us form right here.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!

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