Software Translation Services

Software Translation Services

Since 1987, ASTA-USA has been trusted by software engineering companies to power them into new global markets — thanks to its specialist software translation services. We are not talking about translating the code here; not from, say, C++ to JavaScript. Rather, the language that presents the functionality of the software to the user; for example, translating the user interface from American English to Spanish.

If your software—however it manifests itself to the user—is facing only an English-speaking audience, you are almost certainly missing out on valuable new markets, partnerships and end-user audiences.

Why select ASTA-USA for English-to-foreign translation services?

First of all, why would you want to trust ASTA-USA for software, like many American software engineering companies already do? Here are some of the most significant influencing factors.

Perfectly fluent translators

Although it sounds obvious, our translators will typically be native-speaking in either the source or target language and educated to at least Bachelor’s Degree level in either source or target. What is more, because they are native in either the source or target language, they will fully understand not only nuances and idiom but they will also be up to speed with current cultural trends. The result is natural-sounding language that could have originated in the audience’s own country. To put that another way, our users will be engaging with content that simply will not sound clunky or contrived.

Experts in software, as well as human languages

The individuals ASTA-USA selects for your software translation project are hand-picked based on their fluency in the language pairs required, of course. That much is a given. But one of the things that makes ASTA-USA different is that we believe there is no such thing as a generic translation. With that in mind, our linguists have to have either a qualification, or professional-level experience in the subject for which they translate as well.

When we carry out translations for our healthcare clients, our translators have to have some kind of medical qualification or background. They must understand the subject matter in order for it to be translated effectively. And the same is also perfectly true when we translate what the user sees when they are using your software.

Speed, accuracy and service that is second to none

Because our 13,000 translators are based all around the world, we have learned to make time differences work to our advantage. As the globe spins round, so do your translations, leapfrogging from country to country, time zone to time zone. So, our software translation services run 24 hours a day.

With software translation services, we have achieved an unsurpassed level of accuracy. Our aim is that you will not find any ‘bugs’ in your translated content! We do this by having the first draft checked by another, equally qualified translator who checks it and returns it to the originator. They ‘check the checking’ and forward it to the person in charge of the project. Speaking of whom…

At client and project level, you will be assigned a single point of contact who will look after you and your software translations. In fact, our procedural systems are designed in much the same way as you would find with software development itself.

What can ASTA-USA’s professional linguists do for you?

Because we understand software as well as translation, our software translation services can assist you in virtually every area.

  • Information architecture translation services
  • User interface translation services
  • User-facing content translation services
  • Helpfile translation services
  • User documentation translation services
  • Technical documentation translation services
  • Website translation services
  • Static content translation services
  • Standard bot messaging translation services
  • Inline comments translation services
  • Error message translation services
  • Translation services for variables and constants

While software is delivered in different ways, the necessity for translation remains the same.

However your software is delivered, how it speaks to your users has to be consistently flawless, in every language. ASTA-USA offers

  • Website translation services
  • App translation services
  • Locally resident program translation services

Since you are in software technology, shouldn’t you trust software technology to do your translations?

It seems almost counterintuitive not to, but, while at ASTA-USA we never say never, automated translation services simply are not there yet. The technology improves all the time but if you translate even just a few short phrases from, say, English to Spanish, you will not pass the native test.

The biggest freely available automated translator (you know which one and who we are talking about!) just isn’t yet big enough or artificially wise enough to cope with everyday phrases like: “You are pushing your luck” into Spanish. That is because Spanish people, in reality, do not use that phrase. And transliterated, it does not make sense. The equivalent phrase in most parts of Spain, by the way, is: “You have a big face.”

Because of the way language evolves and because, of nuance, emotion, and culture, the machines are not even beginning to compete yet.

Why does this matter? It is about trust. Your software needs to converse with its users in the language that they completely understand and with which they are comfortable.

Trust ASTA-USA to make your software sound human in any language.

From IA to AI, UX to UA, ASTA-USA has both the language expertise and the software expertise to deliver software translation services accurately, swiftly, and with an impeccable level of service.

And that is why… You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us!

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