Spanish Language Translation

Spanish Language Translation

Spanish Language


Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language. A Romance language that emerged from Castile in Spain, it has grown to become the primary language of twenty nations around the world. The estimates of those who speak Spanish range from 470 to 500 million worldwide. Spanish language translation services for corporations and individuals are in high demand globally. At least seventy-nine countries have a Spanish-speaking population, including:

  1.  Mexico

  2.  United States

  3.  Colombia

  4.  Spain

  5.  Argentina

  6.  Venezuela

  7.  Peru

  8.  Chile

  9.  Ecuador

  10.  Guatemala

  11.  Cuba

  12.  Dominican Republic

  13.  Bolivia

  14.  Honduras

  15.  Paraguay

  16.  France

  17.  El Salvador

  18.  Nicaragua

  19.  Brazil

  20.  Italy

  21.  Costa Rica

  22.  Panama

  23.  Uruguay

  24.  Puerto Rico

  25.  Morocco

  26.  United Kingdom

  27.  Philippines

  28.  Germany

  29.  Equatorial Guinea

  30.  Romania

  31.  Portugal

  32.  Canada

  33.  Netherlands

  34.  Sweden

  35.  Australia

  36.  Belgium

  37.  Benin

  38.  Ivory Coast

  39.  Poland

  40.  Austria

  41.  Algeria

  42.  Belize

  43.  Senegal

  44.  Denmark

  45.  Israel

  46.  Japan

  47.  Gabon

  48.   Switzerland

  49.  Ireland

  50.  Finland

  51.  Bulgaria

  52.  Bonaire and  Curaçao

  53.  Norway

  54.  Czech Republic

  55.  Hungary

  56.  Aruba

  57.  Trinidad and Tobago

  58.  Cameroon

  59.  Andorra

  60.  Slovenia

  61.  New Zealand

  62.  Slovakia

  63.  China

  64.  Gibraltar

  65.  Lithuania

  66.  Luxembourg

  67.  Russia

  68.  Western Sahara

  69.  Guam

  70.  U.S. Virgin Islands

  71.  Latvia

  72.  Turkey

  73.  Cyprus

  74.  India

  75.  Estonia

  76.  Jamaica

  77.  Namibia

  78.  Egypt

  79.  Malta

Spanish is one of the United Nations’ six official languages. Additionally, the African Union, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the European Union, the Organization of American States, and the Union of South American Nations all regard it as an official language.

Considering its widespread global use, Spanish language translation is vitally important for U.S. businesses, and those abroad, to translate into and from the multiple dialects of Spanish, which include Pan-American, Peninsular, and Standard, not to mention the inter-languages such as Creole, Portuñol, and Spanglish. These regionally diverse forms demand that when translating, the grammar and vocabulary must be letter-perfect, the exacting level of accuracy that ASTA-USA has been providing since 1987.

Rising Importance of Spanish Language Translation in the U.S.

Spanish speakers in the United States outnumber all other foreign languages combined. For perspective, that includes Chinese (all languages and dialects), French, German, Hawaiian, Italian, and all dialects of Native American. In fact, the U.S. Census reports that Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by 38.3 million people. That figure has doubled since the 1990 census.

A Pew Research article notes that number is forecast to increase to 43 million by 2020. Pew also finds that 95% of Hispanic adults feel future generations need to speak Spanish. Most importantly, young Hispanics today are more likely than their parents to use Spanish in everyday and business settings. If you are serious about the future of your business in the U.S., then you are already translating into and from Spanish but if not, ASTA-USA is here to help your business grow.

Why You Should Already Speak Spanish

¿Como es su Español?

Can you translate these Spanish business phrases?

  1. La reunión es a las…

  2. Estoy en ello.

  3. Necesito ayuda, por favor.

  4. Enviar un correo electrónico.

  5. La sala de juntas.

  6. Tiene experiencia en estas cosas.

  7. ¿Puede decirle al jefe que estoy enfermo y que no podré venir hoy?

  8. Me pongo en ello ahora.

  9. La comercialización es de alta prioridad.

  10. Contrato indefinido.

The Spanish language is becoming an American standard, but not all translations are. ASTA-USA is THE standard.


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