Spanish Translation Services & the ASTA-USA Difference


Spanish Translation Services & the ASTA-USA Difference

What is the secret behind ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc.’s success? Our talented teams of experienced translators. For more than 30 years, we’ve carefully selected the best and brightest translators in the industry to become part of the ASTA-USA team. That, in addition to our carefully crafted business practices, has helped establish us as one of the top document translation companies in the U.S. for Spanish translation services and other languages as well.  That is why ASTA-USA makes a significant difference when it comes to translation services involving Spanish and more than 70 other languages.

The ASTA-USA Difference

At ASTA-USA, we are prepared to handle any document translation in any language. In fact, we have certified experts and native speakers of over 70 languages. Our most common request, however, is for Spanish translation services. As mentioned in previous posts, Spanish is one of the most common languages used in American business. From Spanish-speaking employees to manufacturing and distribution contracts, Spanish plays a major role in American business deals. Not to mention, many Spanish-speaking citizens live in America, creating the demand for broader marketing campaigns and services.

But what is it that sets ASTA-USA apart from other translation companies? We hold ourselves to a higher standard of:

• Professionalism
• Accuracy
• Timeliness

ASTA-USA was founded by Mr. Alain J. Roy, an experienced business professional. In conducting international business, Roy discovered there was a serious lack of professional, reliable document translation companies, slowing his companies’ progress. So, he decided to start his own company and build it with the practices and experts he couldn’t find anywhere else. Roy established a company that treats every client like the top priority they are, regardless of company or project size. We value and appreciate each client and give them our full attention and resources. Unlike other companies, we don’t put you on the back burner when working with larger projects and clients. We immediately assemble a team of our best translators for your project, ensuring that no detail is forgotten.

During our translation process, our ExAct™ proofreading method does everything possible to eliminate the potential for error. Our accredited translators are professionals of the highest caliber and work even harder, with exacting detail, because they know that their work will be checked by other professionals. They take pride in their work, which means you will receive a flawless translation without a lot of back and forth. Each document is carefully translated and then proofread by three other experts to ensure that translation, grammar and formatting are an exact match to the original.

While we take time to exact perfection, we never miss a deadline. In fact, we strive to beat the established deadline, giving you more time to prepare for the business at hand. Our translators are strategically located, and thanks to the convenience of the Internet and our secure servers, we are able to assemble a team of experienced translators that can work on your document virtually around the clock. What it takes other companies to translate in days, weeks and months, we can translate in hours. We take your investment and trust seriously and do everything possible to keep you satisfied.

Join Us

For years, top U.S. companies have partnered with ASTA-USA for all their document translation needs. We translate documents in every industry, no matter how unique. Whether your company needs Spanish translation services or other language requests, we will provide the best service in the industry. We are here to serve our clients and our goal is to help them be successful and look great for their clients. Contact us today for a free quote.