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Amarillo translation services

Since 1987, for some 34 years, ASTA-USA has been providing Amarillo translation services. The reasons for our success and longevity are simple. We are trusted by businesses, organizations, and individuals to provide impeccable translation services.

ASTA-USA provides Amarillo translation services with:

  • Unbelievable speed
  • Flawless accuracy
  • Unsurpassed service

How do we provide Amarillo translation services so quickly?

At ASTA-USA, we have 700 permanent and full-time employees plus some 12,300 contractors around the globe. That means we are operating in every time zone across the world, day and night.

Our contractors cover every major language in currency. They are experts at what they do. Naturally, they are fluent in both the source language (the written material you need translating) and the target language (what language you want the material in). That much goes without saying. However, ASTA-USA linguists are usually native speaking in either the source or target language too. And, furthermore, they will typically be educated to Bachelor’s degree level in one or other of the languages in the pair. If your assigned linguists are native in either source or target language, that makes them inherently quicker and more accurate.

What is more, thanks to the expanse of our database and the trusted professionals we have on it, we can match a translator’s work experience to the needs of your business. So, if your company operates in manufacturing or engineering, we can quickly find a linguist with experience to match. That means they will already be familiar and up to speed with the latest terminology of your industry. The same goes for food processing and packing. Or aviation.

Fast, yes. But never at the expense of accuracy

Thanks to Exact™, our internal checking procedure, every translation we carry out is checked by another, equally qualified member of staff or contractor. This can be coupled with alternate time zones. So, when the originating translator has finished work for the day, their output will be passed effectively backwards in time where the checking linguist is about to start work. Then, any corrections or amendments are passed to the originator for incorporation into the document. ASTA-USA’s Amarillo translation services work right around the clock.

Fast and fluent service that is second to none

You personally assigned client service manager will ensure your project runs smoothly and to time. It is their job to ensure this happens. From the moment you contact us your translation project will be costed, initiated, completed and delivered with no fuss.

By providing Amarillo translation services, we have got to know the Yellow Rose of Texas.

Some of the most prominent employers in Amarillo may well take comfort in the fact that ASTA-USA is providing Amarillo translation services.

The biggest organizations and companies in the area, widely considered to be the regional economic center of the Texas Panhandle, are:

  • Tyson Foods
  • The Amarillo Independent School District
  • BWXT
  • Pantex
  • Baptist St. Anthony’s Health Care System
  • City of Amarillo
  • Northwest Texas Healthcare System
  • Amarillo College
  • Wal-Mart
  • United Supermarkets
  • Bell Helicopter Textron
  • Owens-Corning
  • Amarillo National Bank

Leisure time? Where to go in Amarillo

Amarillo is fun! And there is no shortage of things to do for all the family. Amarillo is a melding of old-time western ranches combined with everything a 21st-century city has to offer.

Let us start with the past. Amarillo is unashamedly right on Route 66. So much so that a full 13 block area is dedicated to it, the Route 66 Historic District. Here, visitors will find antique shops, boutiques, bars and pubs—and an unbeatable atmosphere.

From the Amarillo Historical Museum to the Amarillo Museum of Art, there are almost countless museums and galleries to allow you to get a real feel for the long history and culture of the city.

And they say Amarillo is the Outdoors. From horseback riding to mountain bike riding, get the wind in your face and go out and explore. There is plenty of it!

At ASTA-USA, we do like to get to know the cities in which we offer our translation services.

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