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McAllen translation services

As one of America’s most trusted providers, ASTA-USA is proud to offer McAllen translation services. With its focus on international trade, tourism, healthcare, and tourism, there is a very real requirement for robust McAllen translation services such as those provided by ASTA-USA.

When looking for a translation services provider, it is important to establish that they can offer flawless accuracy, dedicated service, and speed.

Select ASTA-USA as you McAllen translation services provider and you will quickly see that we offer all of that above. And we can substantiate the strength of our service as follows.

Accuracy—how we select the most appropriate McAllen translation services linguists

Native speaking

With ASTA-USA, your typical linguist will be native speaking in the source language (the language of the communication you need translating) and perfectly fluent in the target language—or vice versa. And by fluent, we mean they will be educated to at least Bachelor’s degree level in the other language, but more likely with a Masters.

To put it another way, if you need a document translating from Spanish into English, your translator may have been born and educated in Madrid, Spain, but now lives in London, England, working as a linguist—and with a virtually photographic knowledge of the PA Style Guide for American English!

Industry knowledge

At ASTA-USA we have over 700 full-time permanent staff and some 12,300 tried and trusted contractors. All of our contractors are vetted and background-checked so we can be sure of their adherence to our stringent corporate confidentiality processes.

Moreover, such is the depth and intelligence of our database, apart from matching language pairs (that much is clear), we can also drill down into the previous experience of translators. So, for example, if you need a translator who can speak English and German and you are in the business of health care, we will match the translator’s practical and professional experience to suit your sector.

ASTA-USA’s McAllen translation services are double checked with ExAct™

ExAct is our proprietary checking procedure. What it means for you is, for every piece of a translation project we carry out, it is checked by another, equally qualified linguist. Amendments, corrections and suggestions are then forwarded to the original translator for incorporation or discussion.

Speed of delivery

For all our accuracy and our essential checking procedures, this does not impinge on speed. Being a global organization, ASTA-USA can call upon translators around the world. We actually make differing time zones work to our advantage. For example, when a translator in London is finishing work for the day, their counterpart (the translator to check their work) may be in Los Angeles. They will just be starting their business day. In this way, your translation will leapfrog around our offices to optimize timely delivery.

McAllen translation services with an unsurpassed level of service

It’s an adage verging on cliche, but people really do come to us for our accuracy and speed but stay for our service. From the moment you contact us, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will see you McAllen translation services project through from start to finish. They will monitor everything, keep you informed of progress, and ensure deadlines are met.

To provide McAllen translation services, we need to know a little about your city…

Apart from departments associated directly with the city, the healthcare sector is the predominant employer in McAllen.

  • Edinburg Consolidated I.S.D.
  • McAllen Independent School District
  • Edinburg Regional Medical Center
  • University of Texas Pan American
  • McAllen Medical Center
  • Hidalgo County
  • Mission Consolidated I.S.D.
  • City of McAllen

ASTA-USA has many specific areas of translation expertise and healthcare is one of them. A considerable amount of our business is centered on certified medical translations.

What is there to do and see for McAllen visitors and residents?

From arts and culture to the great outdoors, McAllen is unarguable place to visit and live.

The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) aims to promote a deeper understanding of the arts and science, as its name would suggest. There is a particular focus on Latin American art.

To get out and relax, for birding, fishing and picnicking head to Anzalduas Park. It is right on the Mexican border. Security here is tight but unobtrusive so it is perfectly safe. Tends to get busy at the weekends.

If you are new to the area, Visit McAllen will even build you an itinerary depending on your interests—whether you are looking for family fundays or you are more of a quiet nature enthusiast.

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