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Pasadena, Texas translation services

ASTA-USA is proud to have been providing top-class Pasadena, Texas translation services. We have been offering corporate, industrial, organizational and individual translation services for the past 34 years, founded back in 1987.

As the premier provider of Pasadena, Texas translation services we stand out because of our reliability, accuracy, speed and service. In fact, we are widely cited as the most reliable and trustworthy translation services provider in the United States.

Currently we have approximately 700 full-time permanent staff. This is augmented by a global network of tried, tested and, above all, trusted contractors on whom we can call quickly based upon the language pairs they can translate and their areas of business expertise and experience.

What makes ASTA-USA’s Pasadena, Texas translation services so swift and precise?

First, we typically use native speakers. That means, imagine for example you need a piece of important written communication translated from American English to Swiss German (not just any German, Swiss German—there are dialectic differences). Such is our reach, ASTA-USA will be able to find you a translator born and educated in Zurich who has a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Second, as part of our internal quality control process, ExAct™, every piece of translated material is checked by an equally qualified second linguist. Corrections, suggestions and improvements are fed back to the original translator for incorporation into the finished document. Here is what is interesting: when possible, the second translator will be in a different time zone to the originator. So, when the original translator has finished for the day, their work is passed for checking at the beginning of the business day for linguist who is carrying out the checks. Your project never sleeps!

ASTA-USA translators are expert in more ways than one

Quite clearly, ASTA-USA’s Pasadena, Texas translation services linguists are perfectly fluent in both the source and target languages. But at ASTA-USA, we go further. We do our utmost to match the translator with your area of business too, from aviation to education, mechanical engineering to pharmaceuticals. The depth of our database means we can access qualified translators with professional experience in your sector.

With that in mind, your translations are not only linguistically flawless but the translators we deploy will already be familiar with the latest technology or methodology. They will know about the vernacular, the phraseology, and even, dare we say it, the jargon used in your line of business.

Getting to know you to offer Pasadena, Texas Translation services

We offer our professional translation services in cities in every single state of America, and we like to get to know a little about every city in which we operate. If we understand more about your location, it helps us to handle your translation project inquiries more efficiently.

In terms of business, in Pasadena, Texas, the top ten employers are:

  • Pasadena Independent School District
  • SGS Petroleum Service Corp.
  • The Boeing Company
  • Mundy Company
  • University of Houston-Clear Lake
  • Shell Chemical
  • San Jacinto College
  • Bayshore Medical Center
  • Lyondell Chemical Co
  • City of Pasadena

Apart from employment in the City, education and health (that you would find in most cities), there is an interesting spread of manufacturing, research and production—just in the top ten employers.

And what to do outside of work in Pasadena, Texas?

If you are visiting Pasadena, Texas, you will only be a few minutes from the Johnson Space Center or, simply ‘Houston’ as it is normally addressed by astronauts in the movies. Here you can view the cockpit of the Space Shuttle and view the actual lecture from where John F. Kennedy announced that the United States would be going to the Moon.

From space ships to container ships… with its expertly informed guided tours and sheer impressive size, the Port of Houston is an education itself. It is actually so popular that we caution you now that you will have to book in advance.

To get back to nature, the Armand Bayou Nature Reserve is one of the most interesting urban nature reserves in the United States. Home to over 370 species, visitors can take guided canoe tours, pontoon boat rides or even go on a guided family night hike.

In terms of business and leisure, Pasadena, Texas certainly has a lot to offer.

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