5 New Years Resolutions
5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Company Should Keep Every Year. ASTA-USA is a leading provider of Document Translation Service in America. Get a quote today. ASTA-USA

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Celebrating Old Christmas Traditions & Translating New Ones

Around 2 billion people worldwide will celebrate Christmas each year, gathering together with family and friends to enjoy the season. But not everyone gathers around an evergreen tree, exchanges gifts and eats a traditional meal. We’re spotlighting Christmas traditions, and discussing a very unique tradition that began as a marketing campaign. In America, many people […]

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Giving Thanks Around the World

Thank you, gracias, je vous remerci, grazie, danke, mahalo, dank je; it doesn’t matter how you say it, as long as you say it. From friends, family and coworkers to store clerks and strangers, saying “thank you” is a vital part of what makes any community and culture great. As such, many cultures around the […]

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Top 10 Jobs Employers Increasingly Are Looking to Fill

World Economic Forum recently posted a video and article detailing LinkedIn’s latest research about new job trends in the market. It’s no surprise that the top 10 jobs are technology-oriented. In a future full of technology, where does good old fashioned human ingenuity fit in? A top document translation service company like ASTA-USA Translation Services, […]

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America’s Future Economy with More Multilingual Employees

In a recent viral video, 4-year-old Bella from Russia amazes people worldwide by speaking fluently in seven languages. She speaks Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Wow, that’s impressive. What does that mean for future business? Could little Bella be a foreshadowing of the future workforce? Many Americans take high school Spanish or […]

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Beware of Bad Translations

One of the most important things an international company must possess is access to accurate, reliable document translation. Without it, they don’t have a leg, or in this case foot, to stand on; they’re wasting time and money marketing to cultures outside of their native-speaking homes. Miscommunication has the ability to instantly destroy a company, […]

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U.S. Olympic and Professional Translation Services

U.S. Olympic Committee Utilizes Professional Translation Services Company for Successful International Marketing   With this year’s Olympic games, the U.S. is testing out a new idea to expand the American economy and grow its presence around the world. The Team USA Olympic store was set up in Rio this year to sell American clothing and […]

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