Misconceptions Document Translation Services
Find out the most common misconceptions of document translation services, from a professional document translation services company. ASTA-USA

General information about our company and language translation services industry.

Misconceptions Of Professional Document Translation Services

It is very common for people who are not closely involved in professional document translation services to believe that translating from one language to another is a straightforward and simple endeavor. Any bilingual or multi-lingual individual can do it – seem to be the most obvious and most common misconception. The truth is that the […]

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Choosing A Document Translation Services Company

Until very recently, it could be argued that the need for most domestic businesses to translate their documents and marketing materials was simply a matter of preference and not necessarily a tool to provide a business advantage. But now, with a vast percentage of domestic employees and consumers communicating in a variety of languages and […]

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Adding Value To Translation Services

The ability to help the document translation services customer identify his/her needs must be a key component of the services offered by any successful professional document translation services company. Most business owners like to work with the premise that “the customer is always right.” In some cases it is very wise to follow such a […]

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Document Translation Service Company Exposes Unreported Revenues

ASTA-USA’s Unexpected Additional Benefits LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2005 /PR Newswire/ – ASTA-USA (Audit Services Translation Assistance – www.ASTA-USA.com) reported today that in the process of performing the highly specialized translation of foreign financial and legal documents – for public corporations in support of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and SEC filing requirements – their expert translators have been […]

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