Translation Services Global Investment Banking Case Study


One of the most respected global investment banking firms needed a dozen different presentations translated from English to Simplified Chinese.  A crisis had developed. ASTA-USA’s professional translation services teams were called upon to save the day.


  • High-level investment & legal executives
  • Chinese government officials
  • Pharmaceutical executives
  • International investment experts


This client worked with several other translation services companies for three months prior, trying to prepare for this meeting, but each company they used took a relatively long time and returned inadequate results.


Time given to other translation services companies: 3 months
Problems with other companies: Formatting errors, Grammar mistakes, Incorrect translations


The meeting was coming up quickly and the client still needed the presentations and documents translated from English to Simplified Chinese. The clock was running out and they didn’t know where to turn.

Initial Contact: 19:00 on Monday
Project Size: Complex & Dense Document Volume
Deadline: Thursday


Then they found ASTA-USA and we went to work immediately.

Team Assembly Time: 21:30 on Monday (2.5 hours after initial contact)
Team Assembled: English to Simplified Chinese translation experts with financial services experience
Project Completion: Wednesday afternoon – a day ahead of schedule

We understood that this global investment banking firm’s reputation and future success in Asia were on the line. We were able to accomplish in two days what our competitors couldn’t accomplish in three months. Because of our established business practices and level of professionalism, we were able to take on this client and provide flawless service in record time, helping them impress their clients and accomplish their goals, exceeding everyone’s expectations.