Translation Services | Modern Day Communication

Let’s have a look at translation services & modern-day communication

The exponential growth of new technologies has evolved our means of communication (and communication itself) faster and more fundamentally than ever before. That’s why it’s imperative that your company has a translation services company you can depend on. Our native-speaking translators not only translate the text of your important business documents, but they can also translate the meaning and often “untranslatable” sayings of the original text. Our accredited translators go above and beyond to make every business translation project perfect. They are translation services experts and true modern day communication specialists.

Aside from the pitfalls of autocorrect and IM shorthand (MHOTY, NIMBY or RBTL anyone?), the sheer fact that we either forego our voice altogether when communicating or are present with voice and image regardless of physical distance brings with it many changes.  You can expect that the same applies with translation services in modern day communication.

Contrary to the times of carefully composed snail mail or even facsimile, texts and emails often happen at the spur of the moment, complete with poor spelling, dismal grammar and questionable tone. Adding a touch of humor to the conversation is almost always a recipe for disaster but keeping it too brief and short may seem standoffish and can easily be interpreted as lacking tact. Finding just the right tone is a carefully honed craft, and in the massive information and data stream that we are constantly exposed to, more important than ever. In addition thereto, the recent Sony hacking scandal has helped emphasize not only confidentiality issues with regard to electronically transmitted communication, but also the significance of keeping all exchanges strictly professional – even if there is a spoiled brat among our own clients or colleagues.

Holding web conferences or using Skype video calls and Facetime to convene has its own challenges. Not everyone can do like Victoria Beckham and attend videoconferences in a dressing gown, holding her baby. We have to be dressed in appropriate attire, ideally sitting in a desk chair with no screaming children or swearing spouses in the background.

And what if the conversation happens in multiple languages? With the new communication technologies comes a variety of new translation features, Google Translate seeming like the Neanderthal among them already, as Facebook, Skype and multitudes of apps bring us their own offerings. Yet again, caution is key. In important business negotiations, none of the latest translation technologies has reached a level that would even come close to replacing the expertise and knowledge of a professional translator or interpreter – and in view of the complexities of human language and communication, it may never get there. For now, use thy communication options wisely and you will jump elegantly over most modern hurdles. TTFN.