Translation Services: More Languages

Does Your Translation Services Provider Offer Service in More Languages?

And what about accuracy?

In addition to using a translation services provider who can offer service in more languages, you simply cannot afford to overlook the importance of translation accuracy. Business document translation and legal document translation must be precise. They must be sensitive to the culture of the audience for which they are intended. And they must represent an unnoticeable regeneration of the original material. Our translation services company designed an innovative proofreading method to ensure that our experienced native-speaking translators provide your company with complete accuracy on every project.


Time is money. Translation of business documents performed in a timely manner will increase productivity and profitability.


A company’s internal resources shouldn’t be consumed by chasing and managing business document translation projects. They have better things to do. That is why it is important to establish a working relationship with a professional translation service provider that will satisfy all business language translation needs.


When going thru the selection process for a business document translation service provider, corporate executives must also consider the qualifications of the translation company services personnel.


The business translation service that speaks your language.
(And over 70 others).


Our expert translators assigned to your work will be familiar with your terminology, the nature of your business, and what you want to achieve. When required, we can put two, three, or more qualified, professional, native-speaking translators on every single case.


ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc. operates 24/7 so you’ll get your documents back quickly.
We truly understand urgency and what it means to your business.

Client service.

ASTA-USA will assign your company a dedicated Translation Director to ensure all your pieces of work or projects go smoothly.

What’s more, they will assign a specific regular team of business translation professionals to attend to your work, so they become familiar with how you operate.


ASTA-USA translators are accredited to internationally recognized standards and trusted by world-leading organizations.

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By: AJ Roy – 14 January 2015