Non-Profit Translation Services

Translation Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Thanks to ASTA-USA’s translation services for non-profit organizations and charities, your fund-raising and awareness-raising activities can have a much further reach.

Since 1987, ASTA-USA has been America’s most-trusted provider of translation services for public, private, governmental as well as non-profit organizations. Our accredited and certified translators cover all manner of subjects from medical and legal to manufacturing and creative. We have direct contact with more than 13,000 professional translators. But sheer quantity is far from the name of the game. Thanks to the processes we have in place, your translation will be handled not only by a specialist translator and linguist (that goes without saying), but by translators who have specific industry or sector experience in the actual subject matter.

In this case, you are looking for translation services for non-profit organizations. So make ASTA-USA your translation services partner for charity and non-profit, and that is exactly what you will get.

ASTA-USA has a specialist in translation services for non-profit organizations. See why.

  • Sensitivity
  • Trust
  • Speed
  • Service
  • Quality

Let us have a look at those attributes in turn. How many other providers of translation services for non-profit organizations can say this?

We are genuinely sensitive about your cause

Entrust the translation of your messaging to ASTA-USA and you will not be just another client. From children’s charities to animal welfare charities, illness and disease research fund-raising to messaging that is more widespread and generic in content and concept, we get it. We get the message, and through language translation, we help you pass it on to the individuals and organizations that matter most—in their language.

By its very nature, very often, the messaging of charities has to traverse both borders and cultures. And, at ASTA-USA, we realize that different cultures have very different views on what matters. So we take what you say and manipulate how you say it so it reaches the right touch-points across your intended audiences.

We are already one of America’s most trusted providers of translation services for non-profit organizations

Translating content concerning charities and non-profit organizations is major part of ASTA-USA’s business. Why? Of course, charities come to us for our linguistic prowess, the sheer number of language pairs we can work with, and our superfluous level of service. But non-profit organizations stay with us because no matter how difficult—or even disturbing—the nature of your activities, we never flinch. Our translators are used to dealing with content that could turn the average stomach or, in fact, is downright upsetting to most people.

We can and do act fast. With excellent service to match

We never underestimate the speed at which we have to operate to ensure awareness is raised and the funds start to fly in.

The extreme example is reactive fund raising; for example, where an event—or even disaster—has taken place. An earthquake. A tsunami. A fire. Whether local, national, or international, we will put our best specialized charity translators into action when you need to go into action.

You see, ASTA-USA has a global network of 13,000 accredited and certified translators—plus 700 full-time staff. Our tried, tested and trusted individual linguists are dotted around the world, and we actually use that to our advantage.

Here is how it works: Imagine you need content urgently translating from US English to simplified Chinese. You send your content to your personal account manager who checks it over for you and gives you a firm quotation. The moment that is agreed, we will search our database to find translators we have used before who have, in this case Beijing Dialect Mandarin as either their mother tongue (native language) and typically with a degree-level qualification in English and they have experience in generating or translating non-profit content.

That translator will be briefed and they will translate the content from their office in Beijing. Once it is complete, they will then forward it to an equally qualified translator back in the United States to be checked. This time, the checking translator might be native US English-speaking but perfectly fluent in Beijing dialect simplified Chinese.

If there are any questions or suggestions, these will quickly be addressed between the two translators before your original content and the translation wing their way back to your account manager for a final cross-check before it reaches you.

ASTA-USA is culturally qualified to deliver your messages worldwide

ASTA-USA uses translators who are native in either the source language or the target language. Apart from this ensuring grammar and other technical detail of your translation is perfect, you will find that our translators are either in their home country or they are in contact with their people there.

To put that another way:

If the language pair is US English to Spanish, you translator will live in Spain but is an American or is Spanish but lives in America.

Quality is paramount. We appreciate you are in competition for share-of-wallet too

It goes without saying that anything you have translated must be of optimal quality. We appreciate that the people or organizations from which you are trying to illicit both share of mind and share of wallet will not and cannot give to every non-profit organization that approaches them.

Think about it: if you are approaching an audience where US English is not their first language, which charity is most likely to have the advantage? The one that addresses them perfectly, eloquently and elegantly in their own language or the one that stumbles clumsily and insultingly around.

You must get it right. People notice. And do not forget, as if this is not blindingly obvious: it is you that is asking the favor…

Times have never been tougher for raising funds and boosting awareness

Fund-raising and raising awareness have never been easy. And now, that is truer than ever.

ASTA-USA will help you get your message across to more of the people and organizations that matter most, more of the time.

Providing translating services for the non-profit sector is a large part of what we do.

And you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to work with us.

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