Translation Services Software Errors

Always use caution when slipping and falling, and when choosing a professional translator. Photo Credit:
Translation Services Software Errors
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More like always use caution when using free online translation software instead of hiring a professional translation services company. This sign is the perfect example of the importance of accurate translation services. It’s not only the text that needs accurate translation, but the entire thought and intention of the original text that is vital to the success of your translated document. Although we can all infer this sign’s probable meaning, this location could have saved itself some embarrassment had they used ASTA-USA for their translation needs.

When it comes to your translated documents, your company should not have to assume anything or accept less than perfect work. Your company operates in the professional business world and your translated documents should reflect that.

Our trained, career translators are certified, native speakers with over 10 years of translating experience. Their knowledge and expertise mean they don’t rely on technology to translate your documents. Therefore, they are able to translate meanings and ideas that are often deemed “untranslatable.” Their lifetime experience means they have a wealth of knowledge about different cultural colloquialisms and sayings that are impossible for a non-human website to translate.

Through our unique ExAct™ method, your document is proofread by not one, but 3 highly qualified translators. This ensures that your document receives the utmost attention to detail from a number of experienced human translators.

ASTA-USA translators will work with you every step of the way, listening to your specific project needs and providing a friendly, 100% accurate translation that’s on time and on budget for your company.

So, before your company ends up on the next translation fail website, be sure and contact us today for a free quote and take your international business to the next level.