U.S. Job Market Demands Bilingual Spanish Speakers

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The Growing Demand for Bilingual Spanish Speakers

It used to be that only certain companies in certain industries in the U.S. required some of their employees to speak Spanish. However, as the world becomes smaller and companies expand their reach, the demand for bilingual employees is growing. This means that the demand and need for document translation services, particularly Spanish translation services, is also growing. Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., are the preferred choice for professional document translation.

Major Industries Using Bilingual Spanish Speakers

As noted in a recent article by the Boston Globe, the U.S. economy has seen a significant increase in the demand for multilingual employees. Companies looking for multilingual employees are typically banks, cell phone companies and medical offices. Each of these industries requires a level of trust and open communication between the service provider and customer. Banks want non-English speaking customers to feel comfortable when banking at their branch, so they hire multilingual employees that can bridge the language gap and understand and resolve any potential problems. Cell phone companies operate in much the same way. By having multilingual salespeople, anyone can walk into the store and have their questions answered without feeling the embarrassment and confusion of the language barrier. Many medical facilities are also employing multilingual professionals. Whether it’s doctors, nurses or office staff and volunteers, medical offices need to be able to communicate with patients as quickly as possible to diagnose and treat ailments. Medical offices that cater to multiple languages often see an increase in patients, growing the local practice.

As noted in the article, a study by New American Economy, “online job postings targeting bilingual workers more than doubled nationwide between 2010 and 2015…” Companies are beginning to realize the buying power of immigrants in America, and are restructuring their business plan in order to effectively connect with this seemingly untapped market. From employees in customer service roles to marketing gurus, companies are beginning to seek out multilingual employees to help make the cultural connection between business and client. Much of this effort is going towards Spanish speakers. Over 37 million Americans speak Spanish, making it the second most-used language in the country. English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English translation services are a must for any growing company in the U.S.A. more Spanish speakers move to America, companies will invest more into their Spanish business efforts.

The Importance of Document Translation Services in Business

These efforts include translated documents, and that’s where ASTA-USA comes in. For nearly 30 years, we’ve provided top-notch document translation services in Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese and many more languages. Each of these industries has accompanying paperwork for customers. Banks and cell phone companies have contracts and medical services have prescriptions and directions, creating a vital need for fast, accurate document translation services. Our expansive network contains experts in every industry, providing enough variety for all your company needs. Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you company succeed in every language and on every level.