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Accurate Translations: ExAct™

ExAct™ Translation Services

Pictured: A jigsaw puzzle representing Exact Translation Services.

You need Exact Translation Services. ExAct™ is the name of ASTA-USA’s quality control systems and processes. When we first started, to best and quickly exceed our clients’ needs, we knew we needed a rapid quality control framework. Since 1992, ExAct™ has evolved into a total quality assurance program for translation that can be executed in the shortest amount of time.

Simplified, it’s a three-step process that works like this:

  1. Our network of professional, certified translators are strategically placed around the globe, intentionally in different time zones. Thanks to the Internet and all the communication and collaboration advantages it offers, over time this has allowed us to assemble and leverage Translation Virtual Tag-Teams that work together and provide 24/7 responsiveness.
  1. The initial translator of your content knows that their translated work is going to be passed on to another, equally qualified translator for checking. So, they’re going to be diligent in the first place – they don’t want a colleague to be picking up on mistakes. Of course, the occasional typo is inevitable, but, with ExAct™, they don’t get through.
  1. Once Translator Number Two has finished their review, they share it with Translator Number Three for final checking and proofreading.

The result is an ExAct™ English or foreign language version of the text you supplied in the first place.

It’s accurate, fast and efficient – with a level of service to match.

You need Exact Translation Services.

ExAct™ is why there’s no need to shop around; you’re already in the right place.

Since 1987, ASTA-USA has provided Complex Business Translation services across multiple industries. We specialize in all forms of Communication & Document Translation. For any Business Document Translation Services you need, call 866.446.1860 or contact us now for a free consultation regarding your project.