Chinese Corporate Translation Services

Chinese Corporate Translation Services

As one of the oldest languages on earth, the Chinese language can be the most difficult and important to translate, especially regarding its growing international business presence. ASTA-USA’s experienced, accredited human translators can expertly navigate the intricacies and subtleties of translating the Chinese language. With over a decade of career translation experience, our native-speaking translators provide your company with dependable, 100% accurate translations for every project.

China is home to one of the most ancient cultures of the world, and finds itself today at the epicenter of globalization. This duality is mirrored in the challenges that the Chinese translator faces, especially in the areas of business and legal translation: The expression and rendition of modern concepts in one of the oldest languages known. ASTA’s Chinese language translation services effectively mitigate this difficult barrier.

While standard written Chinese for all Chinese language variants is, in essence, Standard Mandarin, Cantonese also has a written form that includes unique characters not found elsewhere, and records of legal documents in Hong Kong often use written Cantonese to record exactly what a witness has said. Taiwanese Mandarin, on the other hand, has developed different terminologies for newer concepts compared to Mainland China due to the political separation in 1949 – including common daily terms like “CD,” “Software,” or “database.”

Most importantly for Chinese translation services is the fact that two different writing systems exist today, traditional and simplified characters, and while the latter is the norm in Mainland China as well as in Singapore, traditional characters are still used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

So in order to assign the right professional Chinese translator for a particular project, it must first be established what type of text the client would like to have translated, and for what audience it is intended.

At ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., we only recruit and retain highly skilled, professional Chinese translators who assist us in identifying the specific needs of our clients in terms of source and target markets. We make sure that all questions pertaining to style of character and layout are discussed beforehand.

Considering the complexity of the rapidly evolving Chinese legal system as one of the most important aspects of the economic modernization in China, Chinese legal translators must be aware of the context of the document(s) to be translated to ensure that the appropriate terms and concepts are used. Furthermore, the text must not only be technically correct but also look familiar in the target language. Nuances in tone and form are crucial to guarantee legal validity.

With judicial and contractual framework being the foundation of business growth worldwide, ASTA-USA Translation Services’ high quality Chinese translation services facilitate global relationships that bring East and West, old and new worlds, closer together, never overlooking the fine differences within each culture.

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虽然各种中文变体的标准书面语言本质上仍是标准汉语,然而粤语也有书面形式,其中包含了独有的汉字,比如,香港法律文件记录常常使用书面粤语确切记录目击证人的证词。另一方面,由于 1949 年政治上的分离,台湾国语也形成了不同于大陆的新概念术语,包括像 “光碟”、“软体” 或 “资料库” 这样的日常词汇。



ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc.及其法律翻译服务部门Legal Translation Solutions只招聘和留用具备高技能的专业中文译者,他们可以根据源市场和目标市场帮助我们辨别客户的具体需求。我们确保所有牵涉文字风格和版式的问题都会事先讨论。


司法及合约框架是全世界商业发展的基础,而ASTA-USA Translation Services 和 Legal Translation Solutions的高品质中文翻译服务从不忽视每一种文化中的细微差别,为全球关系的展开提供了便利,并拉近了东西方、新旧世界之间的距离。

与我们联系,进一步了解ASTA-USA Translation Services 和 Legal Translation Solutions ( 是如何满足您独特的中文法律翻译服务要求的。