Benefits of Professional Document Translations

Maximizing on the Benefits of Professional Translations. Cost Effective, not Luxury.

Wherever quality translations are needed, and when it comes to business, nothing less will do. Online translation software or similar automated processes are not an option. Professional document translation service companies will provide translations performed by highly skilled, certified translators, who may use computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools) where appropriate, for instance in the translation of technical manuals with large amounts of repetitive text. All output is edited and reviewed multiple times before delivery to the client. The following presents a few ideas on how to maximize the benefits of working with a professional document translation services company.

First of all, review the materials thoroughly before sending them in for translation. It is important to ensure that the documents to be translated are complete. Also check for errors or typos if the source document was created by your organization. Drafts should be marked as such and if they contain redlining to be reproduced in the target language(s), be sure to mention this to the project manager handling the assignment.

You should also inform the project manager of any sections that you do not wish to have translated, maybe because they were translated previously or because they are not relevant. In some cases, rather than not including them with the materials, it may be helpful to send them along with the remainder of the document(s) since these sections may be vital for the general understanding of the text by the translator.

Bear in mind that not all professional document translation service companies are the same. Different professional document translation companies offer different services and different levels of service. Check what industries they specialize in and what language pairs they offer. As with any other business, the best option is to get the best value for the price. When dealing with professional services of any kind, cheaper is seldom better. It is never a good idea to compromise quality and accuracy to try to save a few dollars. The money saved in substandard translations will most likely go into editing or retranslating the material to make it usable.

While quality and accuracy should always be your top priority when choosing a professional document translation service provider, questions such as turnaround times, delivery method, efficiency and convenience also need to be included in the equation. Look for professional document translation services companies with a proven track record and always ask for references.

It is very important to make sure the document translation services provider hires and retains only professional translators accredited by leading organizations (such as the American Translators Association, the United Nations, and the Institute of Linguists, to only name a few) and that it can handle all types and sizes of professional translation projects, consistently delivering high quality and accurate professional translations. Remember that you get what you pay for. Professional, certified translators may charge more for their work but will produce top of the line document translations in their language pair(s) and areas of expertise.

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