Criteria For Choosing the Best Document Translation Services

Translation of Business Documents is a Must

Until very recently, it could be argued that translating documents was a choice. But now, with a global economy that effectively functions as a worldwide marketplace, translation of business documents is simply a must. With hundreds of translation services companies available, how do you find the right one that will deliver accurate, high quality document translations? Poor translations can seriously impact your capacity to do business at a global scale. It makes perfect sense to deal only with the very best. Here are a few questions to take into account when choosing a professional document translation service provider.

Does the document translation company use machine translation?

There is still no machine or software program able to replace a human translator to create high quality and accurate professional translations. Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools can be helpful when dealing with high-volume jobs of largely repetitive content, such as technical manuals. But they need to be used by professional translators to ensure consistency and carefully match the context throughout each document and are not suited for most other types of document translation. Professional document translation companies never use online translation engines or stand-alone computer programs, since translations generated this way are not only substandard, but largely incomprehensible.

Does the document translation service hire and retain qualified professional translators?

A reliable professional document translation company hires and retains only qualified, experienced professional translators who are native speakers of their target language(s). Professional translators working for the most reliable document translation company are certified and accredited by the world’s leading organizations, which include the Institute of Linguists, American Translators Association (ATA), La Societe Francaise des Traducteurs, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, and the United Nations.

What types of document translation services are available?

A well-established and experienced professional document translation company offers several types of document translation services that are industry specific. Industry-specific document translations include business and financial translations, marketing brochure translations, intellectual property law and patent contract translations, scientific manual or textbook translations, and pharmacology or medical report translations. Professional translators assigned to such projects are experts on the subject and familiar with the terminology and concepts of the particular field. Specialized material, such as medical, technical, and legal documents, needs the careful translation of experienced translators who are professionals in the field in question.

What is the estimated turnaround for document translation?

It is crucial for every document translation that there is enough time to translate, edit, and proofread. Fast service should never come at the cost of accuracy and quality. However, a reliable, professional document translation agency can offer quick turnaround times should you need urgent translations, but only if they work with a global network of certified translators that allows them to take advantage of different time zones. Some document translations are more time-consuming than others, and the project or account manager taking your translation request will advise and discuss details with you.

How are document deliveries handled?

When you set up an account with a reliable professional document translation service, which can be done online, you will be assigned a project or account manager. Account managers are often assigned to corporate programs that provide special rates, such as volume and yearly discounts. Should you need an on-site document translation anywhere in the world, the account manager will be able to arrange it. Most document traffic, however, will be done online and you will be asked to email or upload your documents to be translated, unless you prefer sending them via fax or mail. Once the document translation is complete, email deliveries and uploads to company ftp or similar sites are performed via secure web servers. Professional document translation providers will always assure confidentiality in all document delivery processes. If you need certified hard copies, they will be sent by authorized shipping services like USPS, UPS, or FEDEX.

Whatever your document translation needs are, let professional document translation companies such as Legal Translation Solutions and its parent company, ASTA-USA Translation Services, Inc., assist you in carrying your message to all corners of the globe!