Corporate Translation Service Company Case Studies

Not all clients come to us with straight and forward expectations. Many are new to translation services while others have impossible deadlines and serious logistical and other project-relevant concerns. We approach each and every project with our myriad of translation experiences and unobstructed, problem-solving skills.

In addition to the International Law Firm, Automobile Manufacturing, and Global Investment Banking case studies below, explore our Partial Client List by Client or Industry. Also learn about our Certified Translation Services (business document translation, legal translation, official document translation, medical translation, technical translation, and financial translation).

Our Quality Assurance makes us a highly reliable translation service provider. We ensure a fail-safe process through attention to detail and due diligence. Our absolute translation accuracy is unmatched in providing precision, expertise, and dedication. We also ensure a 24/7 constant on-time delivery.

Our Corporate Translation Programs are simple and effective. We offer discounts, project management, over-the-phone interpretation, free glossary creation, and much more.


International Law Firm

International Law Firm Translation Case Study LEGAL TRANSLATION & CRITICAL DEADLINE CHALLENGE This unique case involves one of America’s largest law firm’s staff located in offices across the United States as well as in several other countries. OUR HISTORY TOGETHER Over the previous eight years, ABC attorneys and legal assistants from numerous ABC offices have […]

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Automobile Manufacturing

Translation Service Case Study: Automobile Manufacturing The world-leading automobile manufacturer featured in this case conducts its manufacturing operations with fifty-two overseas manufacturing companies in twenty-seven countries and regions. Senior management in departments such as inventory control, parts, technology, robotics, assembly, training and IT must communicate with their global divisions and partners on an on-going basis. Sometimes, […]

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Global Investment Banking

Document Translation Services: Global Investment Banking One of the most respected global investment banking firms needed a dozen different presentations translated from English into Simplified Chinese. Their existing translation services provider had already spent three months on the project and the output was still inadequate. Formatting errors. Basic grammatical mistakes. Other inaccuracies. In short, the materials […]

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